Chapter 142 Devotion for love 2

“If things work like this, then I will get no benefit after becoming the son-in-law of Governor Johnson.” David Wilson joked and laughed.

“Dad, your daughter is going to marry him, you have the heart to watch him struggling this way?” Emma Johnson complained to her father.

“The procedure is indispensable, but no matter how complicated the procedure is, there is always a middle way.” Richard Johnson coaxed Emma Johnson and looked at David Wilson, “I will not participate in the bidding at that time, but I will tell you the bidding price of the other party, the lower one will get the land.”

“He still has to spend a lot of money?” Emma Johnson displeasingly asked.

“There are a lot of projects supported by the state. When the time comes, we will compensate, how much and how it will work, just depends on my one signature.” Richard Johnson explained.

Emma Johnson raised a smile and put her arms around Richard Johnson’s neck. “My father loves me the most and always do the best for me.”

“Yes, I’m not good to you.” David Wilson heard Emma Johnson’s sentence and said immediately.

“No, you are also good to me, but if you become bad to me, I will start disliking you.” Emma Johnson said, hugged David Wilson’s arm and looked at Stella Ainsworth.

Stella Ainsworth cleared her throat and said, “Emma is our little princess, we love her so much. I suggest, if you can live here tonight with her. After all, you two have already made a decision to live together. It will be good to understand each other well.”

David Wilson pinched Emma Johnson’s nose. “Naughty, we will travel around Europe when the matter of land will be settled.”

Emma Johnson raised a smile and looked at Bella’s door proudly.

After all, in her mind, she was a powerful woman but Bella has nothing at her back.


During the next two months.

Bella isolated herself in the room, studied hard and stopped going outside.

She didn’t know anything about Amelia and James Grayson. The hospital terminated her job. But there was no retention, no stopping from her side. Occasionally, she went to meet her mother.

David Wilson got the land and went out for vacations with Emma Johnson for a month.

But Bella didn’t pay any attention to outside matters.

After her hard work, she got the first position in the written examination, passed the interview smoothly and got a job in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

This was her first day to go to work in the Discipline Inspection Center. She put on light make-up. Because she didn’t have work clothes, she wore a smart suit. The suit looked good on her body and didn’t need any modification, to outline her perfect curvy figure.

Bella came out of the room with her bag in her hand but her waist was suddenly grasped by someone.

She looked back and it was David Wilson.

David Wilson pushed her into the bathroom next door. His eyes were full of evil thoughts and were fixed on Bella. His eyes fell on her red lips, and he said in his deep voice, “Bella, you are really attractive.”

Bella showed her normal coldness, “let me go.”

“I want you.” David Wilson said in a hoarse voice, held her hand and bowed down his head to kiss her lips.

Bella took her mobile phone and captured a picture.

David Wilson looked at her in shock.

Bella raised a smile, “believe it or not, I will send this photo to Emma Johnson.”

David Wilson leaned on the door, his hands were around his chest, and he looked at her lazily, “Send it, I have no problem.”

Bella has no way to deal with such a person as David Wilson, “You don’t worry about Emma Johnson will know that you are cheating her?”

“In fact, Emma Johnson and I have been together for more than three months. I am already tired of her. I want to find a reason to dump her. Why don’t you help me this way?” David Wilson life Bella’s hair from away her forehead.

Bella pushed away David Wilson and opened the door.

David Wilson followed her out.

Emma Johnson saw them walking together from the stairs and clenched her fist.

Since David Wilson and Bella’s divorce, he hadn’t had sex with her. Even on the trip, he didn’t show any interest. She insisted to do it several times but David Wilson couldn’t do it. She used her mouth and hands to solve the problem.

For more than a month, David Wilson was sleeping with her in the same room and no matter how she tries to attract him, he didn’t feel any charm.

She was jealous and her blood was boiling.

She couldn’t sit and wait for death.

She thought that Bella likes James Grayson?

Last time she didn’t complete her plane successfully. James Grayson and Bella didn’t sleep together. But this time, she must have to design a new plan without making any mistakes.