Chapter 141 Devotion for love 1

On the way back from shopping, Bella thought a lot about all this.

She thought if she was the village head of Athens village, whom she had chosen to report about the finding of gold bars and treasure map.

It wasn’t easily possible for a village head to approach the mayor of the city. He must have gone to the town to find someone and from there this news somehow reached the mayor. In addition to it, Bradley Trammell’s secretory must also have any information about this matter.

Bella checked and inquired for long and found that…

The person who was mayor of Hayden Town has now transferred to Walem City as Mayor.

And Bradley Trammell’s secretory has now promoted as the Governor of the same province that covered Walem City.

These two people must have any connection.

Bradley Trammell’s secretary before working as his secretory was the party secretary of another town. And the current Mayor of Walem was mayor of another town.

Bella wondered that the village head of Athens village had reported this incident to the mayor of the town. Then the mayor told the Secretary, and the secretary told Bradley Trammell. These three people knew about it, so these three people can be partners.

Bella decided to check the information of the mayor of Walem City, Steven Maxwell.

If you want to be promoted quickly, you have to make contributions.

And these people cruelly destroyed many peaceful lives, harmed nature, just for seizing wealth. They cannot stay in peace forever. She will search for their sins to follow them.

Knock Knock!

The door knocked.

Bella shut down the computer and opened the door.

Emma Johnson was standing at the door. She smiled and said proudly, “Come out for dinner. Don’t complain later that we were mean to you.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve eaten outside. If there’s nothing else, don’t disturb me again. This is my time to study.” Bella said in a cold voice.

Emma Johnson stamped her feet in anger. “Bella, don’t be so barefaced.”

“I have no time to waste on you.” Bella closed the door and locked it.

Emma Johnson angrily kicked the door, there was no wise and virtuous lady temperament in her. She just wanted to flaunt her love in front of Bella. She did not expect that Bella will insult her or refuse to come out.

“Dad, look, what does Bella mean? I kindly went to her and asked her to come out for dinner. She was not willing to eat, and she insulted me. She didn’t even respect you.” Emma Johnson complained.

“Leave her alone, and from next, there is no need to call her to eat with us.” Richard Johnson was also angry.

David Wilson smiled and took a look at Bella’s door. “I understand Bella’s nature. She is just loss tempered, but her heart is very pure. Sometimes she becomes too stubborn. But later, she regrets it. She is still a child. Uncle, don’t be angry with her.”

Emma Johnson felt even angrier, “David, are you speaking in Bella’s favor?”

“I’m just telling the truth and you have to live with her in the same house, you two cannot avoid interaction, if you get angry with her, your skin will get the effect. And in anger, you do not look beautiful. I just want to see you beautiful.” David Wilson coaxed Emma.

Richard Johnson took a sip of water and agreed, “David is right, you two cannot stay like this. By the way, when are you two getting married?”

“Uncle, I’ve just divorced. It’s been less than a month. If I get married so soon, I’m afraid that people will point out Emma’s character and it will get affected. You know people make gossip about such things.” David Wilson said with a smile.

Emma Johnson’s face became even worse. She murmured, “She wasn’t your wife. You haven’t even touched her.”

“The people outside don’t know about it. Gossip is a fearful thing. I don’t want you to get hurt. Besides, I just stepped down from the position of deputy director. Many people are already keeping an eye on me. I think we should wait for a short period of time? I’m free these days. I can accompany you to travel abroad, what do you say?” David Wilson said and held Emma Johnson in his arms.

When Emma Johnson heard about traveling abroad, she flattered. She looked at Richard Johnson, “Dad, it’s really a hard task for David to establish a new company. Can you give him the land he wants?”

Richard Johnson nodded his head, “Everyone has to follow the normal bidding procedure. Otherwise, people will call it my favoritism.”