Chapter 14 She’s doomed to be the scapegoat

“It, it’s not…”

Jessica pointed at the mobile phone and wanted to say something. Clara interrupted her, “Are you stupid? You can sell the news to others for money. Why did you release it by yourself? If Ryan know this, you’re done for.”

“Ryan had been in business for so long. This was the first time that he was caught with a woman. I guess Amy Scott made a killing this time. I’m sure she will receive lots of advertising work.”

Jessica broke down. “I didn’t do that. I don’t know!”

“I only told you about it. It’s not you, then who is it?” Clara asked and frowned.”And you also told me that you were the only one who camped out in the hotel at that time. Then how was this news posted on the Internet?”

“I, I really have no idea!” The camera was destroyed by Ryan at that time. She didn’t have a backup, either. Who knew someone would expose this to the Internet, and it was in her name.

“Oh, aggrieved Jessie!” Clara patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. You said Ryan and your brother are friends. If you explain to him, it should be fine.”

Jessica, “…”

Clara finished and left hurriedly. She disappeared all of a sudden.

Jessica went back to the seat with her things. She still didn’t digest what happened just now. She took her phone out and logged on the Twitter. Then Jessica found the blogger quickly and asked him who was the source of the revelation.

The blogger said it was you. Jessica argued with him for quite a while. Finally the blogger just ignored her, which drove her crazy.

What should she do? Would Ryan think that it was she did it?

Thinking of Ryan’s temper, Jessica was not feeling well. She sent Ryan a message to explain.

Jessica said, “Ryan, I really didn’t do anything about those top search. I swear!”

Soon, Ryan replied the message.

Ryan, “I know. I’ll look into it.”

Jessica was slightly relieved when she saw the message he replied.

Thankfully, her brother didn’t suspect her. She must found out the bastard who released the revelation in her name in the presence of Ryan.

When Jessica finished dealing with the jobs in hand, she looked into the matter. But what drove her crazy was no matter how hard she looked into, it still showed that she was the source. Someone even exposed her hotel check-in information.

Damn it. How could she be so miserable! Was she doomed to be the scapegoat?

“There, don’t wear a long face.” On the way home from work in the evening, Clara comforted Jessica, “You at least call Ryan brother, so he won’t blame you.”

“I just can’t swallow it.” Jessica said glumly. She wasn’t the source, and she also wanted to prove it to Ryan that it was really not her.

“Ah.” Clara did not know what to say and handed her a document. “Why don’t you put it aside first? Anyway Ryan already let someone remove the top search. Look at this first.”

“What’s this?” Jessica took the document and read it. Then she was stunned.

Clara said, “I don’t like Alex, but don’t you want to increase his fame. It so happened that director Johnson is going to shoot a popular IP TV series. Let Alex go to the audition, too. Perhaps he can pass the audition.

“Clara, I…” Jessica took the document with a mixed look in her eyes.

She witnessed Alex’s cheating and they have broken up, but she hasn’t told Clara yet.

“Stop stuttering. If you are grateful to me, treat me to dinner next time.” Clara patted her on the shoulder, “Anyway, you are not busy these days. It would be good to ask for leave and spend more time with him. I’ll go to the kitchen to cook first.”

Jessica sat in a daze on the sofa for a while. She rubbed the document in her hand with a sneer in her eyes.

It was sad enough to cry all night for years of relationship, but she was not one of those people who was betrayed and pretended nothing had happened.

Now that Alex was so eager to become famous, she would make him famous.

On Wednesday afternoon, in Golden Crown hotel-

Disguised as a hotel staff, Jessica easily entered the conference hall on the 16th floor by pushing a dessert cart.

Today, director Johnson was here for the audition of X drama. Many superstars have come.

After a while, Jessica saw Alex and his agent coming. His smug smile could not be hid. He must have been complacent that he could receive this opportunity to audition for the popular IP.

Jessica sneered.

In order to make Alex come, she had made great efforts. If he hadn’t come, there wouldn’t have been any fun later.