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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 14 One Sword, Two Breaks

Two hours later, Alice first received a call from her godmother Joan.

“Alice, how can you be so cruel, I let you leave my son, not to kill him!” Joan accused her with loud voice that even she couldn’t see her, and could imagine that she was the strictest mother at this moment.

“I’m sorry, godmother. I didn’t expect that to happen, I …”

“You don’t need to explain. From the day on, you are not allowed to appear in front of my son.”

The signal was cut off, and Alice was silent. She could understand the godmother. Not sending her to jail was the greatest kindness to her. The mother cannot keep a murderer beside her son.

Then she received a call from Chuck, “Alice, what’s wrong with you and Ben? Where are you now?”

Alice was worried about Benjamin and asked Chuck in fear, “Is he OK?”

“He is out of danger. Can you come now?”

“No, Chuck, I still have something to do here. I get to go now”. He’ll be fine, he’s fine.

“Alice, was there something wrong?” Chuck had always been concerned about Alice, but he was a dumb person and rarely expressed his own thoughts.

“No, Chuck, will you let me know when he recovers?” She still cared Ben much.

“Aren’t you leaving with us tomorrow?”

“I don’t want to go. I wish you all the best.”


Benjamin’ s parents flew to Britain the next day in a private jet in order not let Benjamin know what happened to Alice’s family.

Benjamin cannot stay in China for even a day, otherwise he will certainly hear about Alice’s parents.

A week later, Alice completed his father’s funeral alone. Because of her father’s bad reputation, his relatives and friends not coming to see him off.

When one instantly fell to the bottom of the valley, it was easier to see the desolation on earth.

Upon learning that Benjamin had almost recovered, Alice, with her seriously ill mother, left the old city and went to live in another new city.

She didn’t want to stay here and receive the pity from anyone. Her mother said that her father was wronged and framed by someone.

Then she must find out the truth.

After dad left, his house was auctioned by the court, all assets were frozen, and his mother’s medical bill was an astronomical figure for Alice.

Alice, who had not had a bit of hardship since childhood, had suffered a lot in just a few months.

It turned out that it was not easy to live.

Because she had not graduated from university, Alice couldn’t find a real job at all.

Alice, who never knew anything at all, started to work in a restaurant during the day. Later, the mother’s hospitalization costs became more and more, so she had to go to the bar to sell alcohol at night. In order to take care of her mother, she could save the rent and she would sleep with her under the bed, on the floor.

In a flash, she worked hard for a year.

From an innocent girl who had always been pampered by family, Alice was becoming experienced now.

A little girl in the clinic who had congenital heart disease had a laptop and liked to go online. One day she didn’t control herself and borrowed the little girl’s computer. She hadn’t been online for a long time. She was afraid to see Ben’s update.

When she finally couldn’t help logging in to Instagram, there was no messages from Benjamin on it, and he was still the same as before and never updated.

When she revisited her her previous Instagram, it turned out that every message was about him, Benjamin.

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