Chapter 138 He regrets his divorce 2

“Who cut off your finger?” David Wilson asked in a cold voice.

Bella looked at David Wilson.

His expressions were serious, and his eyes reflected her.

“You want to come out for me?” Bella asked.

David Wilson raised the corner of his mouth and as always smirked an extremely evil smile. “You think the ex-wife of David Wilson can be bullied by anyone.”

“Oh.” Bella sneered.

She didn’t believe that he would come out for her, but he wanted to sympathize with the little girl. But she was not that little girl now.

“Anna Wilson,” Bella said these three words, turned around and walked towards the gate.

“Don’t you invite me for coffee?” David Wilson said to Bella’s back.

Bella did not stop.

David Wilson ran to catch up with her, took her arm, and ordered, “You owe me six hours. Now you have to go for a coffee with me.”

“Why do I owe you six hours?” Bella asked arrogantly.

David Wilson frowned and said, “Bella, what do you mean? Are you playing dumb with me?”

“Mr. Wilson, I don’t want to abide that oral agreement anymore. I suddenly feel that I don’t need to abide by it.” Bella said lazily.

“Are you not afraid that I will upload Amelia William’s video?” David Wilson warned and looked at her sharply.

Bella shrugged.

“Yes, if you want to, maybe this way Amelia William will become the young lady of that house, and I will have a friend that can give me more benefit.” Bella smiled heartlessly.

“Luis Taylor has a lot of women outside. Do you really want to push your friend into the fire?” David Wilson looked at Bella.

He felt that the present Bella was like a rose with thorns.

She was very enchanting, cold and gorgeous, but she also has sharp edges.

“She has to marry someone. Who can guarantee that some other man will be good for her?” Bella asked.

“It’s better to have a loyal man than the one who can change his mind at any time. Okay, I will upload the video now.” As David said this, Bella moved closer to him.

David Wilson unconsciously stepped back.

She was different.

“You know Amelia. If she will a good life in the future, she may let you go. But…,” Bella’s eyes were sharp, and she stared at David Wilson. She warned, “If she had a bad life in the future, soon she and the president will have a son. Sooner or later, Amelia William will become the first lady of our country. Guess what she will do with you?”

David Wilson was silent.

He knew that Bella had a good eloquence and was often annoyed by her before. But now, Bella became even smart, sharp, charming and mysterious. He seemed to have been immersed in her eyes and unable to extricate himself.

Bella saw that he didn’t speak.

“Good luck, Mr. Wilson.” She turned and walked out.

David Wilson stood still.

He regretted his divorce.

What should he do now?


Bella went back to Amelia William’s apartment. Amelia William was still at home and was sitting on the sofa. When she saw Bella coming back, she immediately stood up and looked at Bella anxiously.

Bella was sure that David Wilson would not send out Amelia William’s video. She didn’t want Amelia William to be involved in this must. She must also have to draw a clear line with Amelia William.

“I’m leaving,” Bella said.

Amelia William’s eyes turned red, and she nodded. “More power to you, girl.”