Chapter 137 He regrets his divorce 1

His eyes fell on her hands. He grabbed her arm and raised it, and he was shocked, “What’s happened with your hands? What happened to your little finger?”

Bella quietly took back her hand. “I paid for some mistakes. Now I just want to see, how much it worth it.”

“Oscar Grayson? George Wilson? Anna Wilson? Who did it?” David Wilson asked, and guessed as much as he can.

“No matter who did it, the result cannot be changed now. I have something to do. I’ll contact you later.” Bella entered the elevator.

David Wilson watched the elevator closing in front of him, and his deep eyes showed a painful color.

He and Bella have been married for three years. Once, he wanted to hurt her and make her suffer. When she looked at her suffering, he had a good feeling. Just because she is Richard Johnson’s daughter.

But today, he was very angry to see her hurt so badly. He wanted to find that man and cut off his all ten fingers.

Only he can hurt or bully Bella!

Bella entered Richard Johnson’s office. Richard Johnson stared at Bella unkindly. He seemed like a cruel king sitting on his throne of power and looking at the person standing in front of him.

Bella walked over without saying a word, pulled out the chair and sat down in front of Richard Johnson.

“So you are having a psychological war with me?” Richard Johnson asked and looked at Bella’s face.

Bella smiled.

She was kidnapped this week. She knew that Richard Johnson would reply within two days. In these two days, Richard Johnson thought of countless ways and possibilities. He wasn’t willing to accept her offer. But she disappeared suddenly and no one could find her.

He was suspicious. He was afraid that she would go to his opponent. He has a lot of opponents. He guesses which one Bella will lean on. What will they do to him? He thought about many possibilities. What he did wrong in the past made him panic all the time.

The more he thought about it, the fear he felt.

Bella has been missing for seven days, and he has lost sleep for seven days. Finally, he made a decision.

It’s better to have a strong helper than a strong enemy.

“Dad, so what is the outcome of this psychological war?” Bella asked.

“I want to know your purpose. How can I be sure you don’t want to hurt me? After all, I hurt your mother.” Richard Johnson stared at Bella defensively.

“Kate Andrew is my mother, you are my father and you both are my closest relations. You have hurt my mother, and my mother has hurt me. I would have been killed by Kate Andrew if I hadn’t been saved by someone next door.

I have spent so many years with difficulty. I endured work pressure, life pressure, marriage pressure, have been stressed out of breath. I want to live a good life.

And when I think about it, my mind said only dad can help me to live a good life.

Why will I hurt you?

I am not stupid, harming you is equal to harming myself, I will not harm you and I will help you. Dad, like Emma, I am also your daughter.” Bella’s tone softened.

“Alright.” Richard Johnson was convinced by Bella, “your aunt Stella has agreed to let you come back. You want to work in the Commission for Discipline Inspection. The written exam depends on you. I will use my power to help you in the interview.”

“I will fight a beautiful battle.” Bella stood up.

“I am warning you again, don’t try to play tricks on me. I can give you a superior life and I can also destroy your superior behind.” Richard Johnson warned Bella.

“I’ll go back and pack my things. See you in the evening, Dad.” Bella turned around and left.

When she came out of the elevator, she didn’t expect David Wilson to wait for her downstairs. She walked towards David Wilson.