Chapter 135 She wants nothing but James Grayson 1

Bella stared at the front, and there was a crack in her watery eyes. This crack hid all the pain and unwillingness of her heart.

It was just…

James Grayson has hugged her and couldn’t see her pain.

He looked at her, affectionate, helpless, and distressed figure.

“I’m sorry.” James Grayson choked.

Bella lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes covered the feelings of her heart.

“I won’t forgive you.” She replied.

James Grayson was stunned. He was ready to bear anything, her hatred, her complaint everything, “Okay, my life is yours, you can come to take it anytime.”

“Leave,” Bella said coldly.

James Grayson tightened his eyebrows and stood still.

“Leave.” Bella looked up at him. Her eyes were determined, cold and penetrating.

He didn’t have room to stay. He turned around, opened the door and left.

“Bella, did you see it? His hand also didn’t have a little finger. He must have cut it off for you.” Amelia William choked.

Bella did not see it.

But Amelia had seen it.

But she had no way. In those days, her life was worse than death. She knew that he also spent those days miserable. He got agree to get engaged. He did his best.

She didn’t blame him. She only blames, that they were too weak. She didn’t forgive him, not to remind him, but to remind herself.

She cannot let their love be their victim.

She wanted to become strong.

“I know how to do inthe future,” Bella said definitely.

“There is really no any other way?” Amelia William loved them. “I think James Grayson really loves you.”

“No.” Bella said, looked at Amelia William firmly, “I want to apply for this year’s discipline inspection’s exam, I want to enter the cabinet, I want to be a decisive person.” She said and went out.

Amelia William was worried about Bella’s accident, so she immediately followed her. Bella brought a new mobile phone and went to get back her previous mobile-phone number.

She called Richard Johnson, “I’m Bella. Have you considered my offer?”

“I called you before.” Richard Johnson was very sharp he tried to blame her.

“Tell me about your decision,” Bella asked coldly.

“Let’s meet. Where are you now? I’m free at noon.” Richard Johnson said.

“See you in your office, Dad.” Bella hung up.

Amelia William looked at Bella worriedly. She knew that Bella had a mentally ill mother who was in a mental asylum. She knew that Bella’s father had a bad relationship with her.

Bella didn’t want to tell, and she never asked.

“Bella, what do you want to do? Don’t scare me. Keep in mind that you are my best friend. I’m always willing to help you.” Amelia William said.

“I’m going back to my house, Amelia. Thank you. I’m ok. From now on, everything will get better day by day.” Bella smiled.

Her smile was very pure, but Amelia William knew that Bella has a wound in her heart. She was afraid, that this injury can be cured only by James Grayson.

“Then I will accompany you back. If they bully you, I will help you.” Amelia William patted herself on the chest.

“Finding someone to accompany me will weaken my morale. I want to be strong. Don’t worry. If there is a problem, I will call you.” Bella held Amelia William’s hand.

Amelia William felt her hands as cold as ice. She held Bella’s tightly, tried to pass the temperature to her.