Chapter 134 Will live and die together 2

“Now that you are back, go to sue her and tell about your kidnapping. What are you afraid of? It’s a big deal.”

“I said, stop it!” Bella shouted.

Amelia William was shocked by Bella’s tone. She slowed down for a while and looked at Bella in a daze. Bella knew that she shouldn’t be angry with Amelia William. Amelia William was saying all this for her good.

“I know what to do. Don’t worry.” Bella said softly.

Amelia William cried, held Bella, and said, “How can you be so miserable? It’s not enough for one David Wilson to hurt you, why God sent you another James Grayson.”

“It’s my mistake, I demand something that cannot be mine.” Bella patted Amelia William’s back and looked ahead as if she got this life after death. “In the future, it will not be worse than it is now. Life will only get better and better.”

“Yes, everything will be fine.”

Bella went back to her room and took her clothes to the bathroom.

“Do you need my help?” Amelia William was worried.

Bella shook her head. “The wound has been scabbed. What should heal is healing. I am also a doctor. I know how to do it. It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry.”

She went into the bathroom, washed and dressed. She heard the knock on the door outside.

Amelia William went to open the door.

James Grayson rushed in, his voice choked excitedly, “Bella.”

“Isn’t it enough for you to harm Bella?” Amelia William wanted to kill James Grayson.

Bella came out of the bathroom.

James Grayson looked at her, with the watery mist like waves flowing in his deep eyes.

He didn’t hide the surging in his heart and hugged her tightly. “Are you okay? I’m sorry, I couldn’t protect you.”

Bella stood still and didn’t hug him. She looked ahead with her clear eyes. Her heart was numb.

James Grayson has lost a lot of weight.

After her kidnapping, he had gone crazy.

In these seven days, he didn’t sleep, he didn’t even close his eyes for a moment. He searched everywhere, crazily, almost killed Anna Wilson, smashed Oscar Grayson’s office and destroyed all the furniture of Grayson’s villa.

When he received her video, he cut off one of his little fingers.

Oscar Grayson forced him to marry Anna Wilson, Sierra Walker forced him to marry Anna Wilson, George Wilson forced him to marry Anna Wilson, and almost everyone around him forced him to marry Anna Wilson. He fought with them intellectually and bravely, on the edge of nervous breakdown every day.

He was afraid to see another finger of her.

He said it to everyone, if anything happens to her, he will cut himself.

He found out that his father and mother kidnapped Bella. He was angry and grieved. He engaged with Anna Wilson and asked his parents to let Bella go.

Otherwise, he and Bella will die together.

In the end, he negotiated successfully. They finally released Bella.

“James Grayson, don’t come here again,” Bella said softly.

James Grayson clenched his fist and the blood vessels on his neck burst. He understood that they would kill Bella if he tangled with her again.

He also understood that he has to be strong and invincible so that he will protect her.

“Um.” A light sound came from James Grayson’s throat. In fact, he couldn’t agree.