Chapter 133 Will live and die together 1

When Bella was awake, she looked at the clock that was on the table. She had been locked up in the darkroom for seven days, and she didn’t say a word in these seven days.

On the morning of the eighth day, she was again blindfolded and was taken away by a van. She also changed several cars. After three hours, the van dropped her somewhere.

Bella pulled off the blindfold.

It was ten o’clock.

Her eyes were hurting. She couldn’t open them completely. She closed her eyes again, slowly opened them.

She saw a fountain. In the fountain, she saw a sculpture of a woman holding a child.

It was ironic!

The trees were green, the grass was green, and the flowers were red. She was alive. She noticed that she was near a park. She walked to the side of the road and took a taxi.

“Master, I don’t have money. Can you give me your phone to make a call? I’ll have to call someone to pick me up.” Bella said softly.

The driver looked at Bella’s pale frightening face. She was wearing a light blue skirt. The skirt was wrinkled and bloodstained. There were bandages on her hand.

“Are you being raped or kidnapped? Do you need to call the police?” The driver asked her politely.

Bella shook her head and her eyes turn red. “It’s useless for me to call the police.”

“What number you want to dial? Dial it yourself.” The driver gave his phone to Bella.

“Thank you.” Bella thanked him and dialed Amelia’s mobile phone number.

Amelia William answered.

“Amelia, I’m Bella. I am coming back. I don’t have any money. Please after some time come downstairs and pay for me.” Bella said.

“Bella.” Amelia William was surprised. “Where have you been? I’ve called the police. I can’t find you anywhere. You scared me badly.”

“I’m ok. Go to the police and take back your complaint. I’ll be back soon. I’ll hang up now. I borrowed the driver’s mobile phone.” Bella said and hung up. She didn’t give Amelia William too much time to ask more questions.

Half an hour later, she arrived at the door of the building.

Amelia William has been waiting at the door.

When Bella got out of the car, Amelia William paid the money. She saw injury on Bella’s hand. Her eyes widened and she asked anxiously, “What happened to your hand? What is going on? You’re imprisoned, aren’t you? David Wilson did it?”

“I’ll kill her.” Amelia William didn’t give Bella a chance to speak.

“Amelia, it’s not him. I want to take a bath now. I haven’t washed it in seven days. I am stinking.” Bella smiled.

Her smile was both charming and devastating!

“Who did it?” Amelia William held Bella’s shoulder, tears flowed down from her eyes, “Who are those people! Bella, you can’t be silent. I will help you. I will not let them go.”

Bella’s face had a very calm expression, “This is a thing of the past, don’t ask, if you regard me as a friend.”

Bella entered the elevator.

Amelia William followed Bella, “Anna Wilson did it? A lot of things have happened in these days. James Grayson is engaged to Anna Wilson. Does this thing have anything to do with your kidnapping?”

“Engaged? Not married?” Bella looked at Amelia William.

Amelia William kicked the garbage can angrily, “You have been kidnapped, and that so-called man got engaged to another woman. He is not loyal at all”

Bella lowered her eyes and waited for the elevator.

“Wait a minute. Did someone threaten James by kidnapping you, so he agreed for this engagement? It must be Anna Wilson. That woman can’t keep that man.”

“Stop talking about it.” Bella’s tone was accentuated.