Chapter 132 Please let me go 2

Sierra Walker’s eyes turned red. She held Bella’s hand and apologized, “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect that Oscar will order to cut your little finger.”

Bella sneered, took back her hand, leaned on the chair, and said indifferently, “You and he, has the same purpose. If you want to save me, there are 100 kinds of ways. Otherwise don’t be a hypocrite.”

Sierra Walker frowned, but she was speechless.

“It has been done, I cannot undo it. I hope I can make it up to you.” Sierra Walker said.

“Make up for it. I just want to get out of here alive.” Bella said coldly and looked at the expression of Sierra Walker.

“Don’t worry, I promise but you also have to promise that you will not betray us?” Sierra Walker said worriedly.

Bella pulled the corners of her mouth and said sarcastically, “Do you think James Grayson won’t find out that you did it?”

“I know he will find out for sure, and he will understand our efforts. I don’t believe that he will deal with us.” Sierra Walker was sure.

“So even if I say what you want me to say on one will believe it, but I will not see the next day, there is no benefit in confessing anything,” Bella said desperately.

“Write it. Copy it. I promise. I’ll let you go out of here alive.” Sierra Walker promised.

Bella stared at Sierra Walker, “I believe that Mrs. Grayson is a perceptual person. You should understand that if I die because of James Grayson, he will never forget me. Even if he doesn’t deal with you, he will never forgive you. But if I live this life with contradiction, miserably, it will consume my original feelings for him.”

“I’ll keep you alive.” Sierra Walker said firmly.

Bella felt that she has said everything she can. She took the pen. Her hand was shaking, and she couldn’t write at all.

“That won’t work.” Sierra Walker stood up, called Oscar Grayson and said angrily, “look what you have done. If you want her to write, then why you cut off her right finger. How will she write now? The handwriting is different from before. Don’t you have a brain?”

“I didn’t cut it. Record her video, let her read what is written on the paper.” Oscar Grayson said angrily.

Sierra Walker hung up and looked at Bella. “I’ll record your video. After James’s marriage, I will let you go out.”

Bella looked at the content on the paper, pulled the corners of her mouth. Her tears followed down, but her eyes were firm, “record it.”

It was also hard for Sierra Walker, “I’m sorry.”

She took out her cell phone and began to record.

Bella stared at the mobile phone and said calmly, “James Grayson, I don’t want to die.”

She raised her injured hand. “Do what they say. Help me. They said if you delayed if for one day they will cut off my other fingers and after that my toes, my legs and my each and every body part.”

Sierra Walker tightened her eyebrows and stopped the video.

Bella was silent for ten seconds and tears were flowing quietly, “Please, let me go.”

Sierra Walker sighed, “You are a good girl, but James is not suitable for you. You will find a suitable man in the future. Come to me if you need help.”

Bella closed her eyes and her head was heavy. She leaned on her arm. Once again she felt small, helpless and desperate.

There was unending darkness all around…