Chapter 131 Please let me go 1

“If you dare to hurt her, I’ll divorce you. I’ll do what I am saying.” Sierra Walker yelled at the door.

Bella heard it, turned around and looked at Sierra Walker. There was no anger or hatred in Sierra Walker’s eyes but there was helplessness.

Oscar Grayson’s men put on a blindfold on Bella. And everything turned dark. She couldn’t see anything and was pulled away. She was very calm. She didn’t shout nor struggled. Because she knew it was useless to make noise and struggle. With this, she will only die faster.


Two hours later

Her blindfold was taken off. There was an empty room with big walls all around. There was an iron gate that was one meter wide and two meters high. There was no bed, no bathroom, not even a bottle of water, just a table and a chair.

At the roof, there was a fifty-watt bulb.

A masked man put several papers on the table and ordered, “If you want to live, copy from the paper and write on it.”

Bella knew. She knew it was Oscar Grayson who kidnapped her. Oscar Grayson won’t let her live to see the next day sun after achieving his purpose.

“I want to meet James’s Grayson’s mother, otherwise, I won’t do it.” Bella refused.

“You want to die?” The man slapped Bella.

Bella was beaten. She pulled the corners of her mouth and looked at the masked man. “Do you think I’m alive? I am not afraid of death.”

The man again slapped Bella.

But Bella didn’t say a word.

The man got angry. He took out his knife and put Bella’s right hand on the table. He threatened her, “You will write it or not?”

Bella stared at the man. She tightened her lips. There was determination and hatred in her eyes and they were too sharp that the man’s heart shivered for a moment.

He cruelly pressed the knife on her finger.

Bella felt sharp pain from the overwhelming attack.

The nerves of the fingertips are linked with the heart.

There was too much pain…

She tightened her fingers tightly. Her face became paler and bloodless, but her eyes were still sharp.

The man was also shocked by Bella’s endurance.

She didn’t utter a word.

He went out and called to report.

Bella leaned on the table with a cold sweat on her forehead, stared at the red blood on the table.

She fell in love two times…

First, it was her husband who abandoned her and hurt her until he filled her heart with wounds.

And now, she loved again but had to leave him, or even, her life will end here, and she was sure she wouldn’t have a good end.

Maybe, she is not worthy of respect, of love. She can be slaughtered.

She decided, if she got a chance to go out this time, she will make herself strong.

The man came in. He was followed by two men in white coats. They stopped her bleeding, infused her wound and gave her first aid.

“Sierra Walker will come soon.” The man said.

Two hours later, Sierra Walker arrived.

She came in and saw Bella lying on the chair and her eyes were closed. She took a look at Bella’s right hand. The little finger of the right hand had been cut off. After treatment, they bound up the wound and infused it.

“What the hell you did. Arrange a bed, water, and 24-hour care.” Sierra Walker ordered.

“Yes.” The man went out.

Bella opened her eyes in a daze. Because of the fever, her face looked very red, but her lips were dry.