Chapter 130 True love is selfless 2

“All right, stop it.” Sierra Walker looked at the person standing beside and said impatiently.

She took a deep breath, walked out of the monitoring room and went to the darkroom.

Bella saw Sierra Walker and was stunned. In a moment, she seemed to understand everything. Her eyes became deep and darker.

“Go out.” Sierra Walker ordered.

“Yes.” Those people hurriedly left the room.

Bella bit her lips tightly and looked at Sierra Walker.

Sierra Walker sat down on the chair and was silent for a while. “I want to ask you one thing, didn’t you promise me that you will leave James? Why are you with him tonight?”

Bella frowned slightly and mist-filled her eyes. “So, those people are not from the Commission for Discipline Inspection, but from you?”

“You cannot ask anything.”

“It will take time. I have rejected James Grayson’s proposal. You are hurting your son.” Bella was angry.

“We are saving everyone.”

“You Kill Gabriel Athens to save everyone! Saving everyone by tracking me, even let me, and David Wilson has a fake divorce? I slept with your son, but I wasn’t divorced and we didn’t know that. Now it will be your son who will face the consequences!

I am just an ordinary girl. I won’t affect me as much. This extramarital affair will only harm James’s reputation. I’ll leave this place and go somewhere else. But your son will be destroyed by your actions!” Bella stood up and smashed the lamp on the table.

Sierra Walker clenched her fist and explained, “We didn’t follow you all the time. You and David Wilson are really divorced, we just replace your marriage certificate and divorce certificate with a fake one.

We didn’t kill Gabriel Athens. We even cleaned up the evidence that you two left carelessly all the way.

Gabriel Athens may have been killed by someone from George Wilson’s side. Now we are looking for the murderer to find out George Wilson’s weakness. Bella, if you really love James, please help us.”

“What can I do for you? Admit that I have an extramarital affair with James Grayson? I’ve never seen a parent who does this to his children.” Bella looked at Sierra Walker with red eyes.

“For some days, I will take you to a place. When you come back, James and Anna Wilson will be married. I need your cooperation. What personal keepsake do you have?” Sierra Walker asked softly.

“Kidnapping me?” Bella immediately understood the meaning of Sierra Walker’s words.

“I’m sorry, we want James’s good.”

Bella did not say anything, tears quietly followed down, “I have no personal keepsake.”

“If she doesn’t have a keepsake, cut off her finger, or her one hand or her leg and use them.” Oscar Grayson opened the door and said sternly.

“I never did anything wrong with you!” Bella looked at Oscar Grayson.

“I’ll handle her. Take her away.” Oscar Grayson ordered his men.

Sierra Walker has a bad feeling in her heart. She held Oscar Grayson’s arm. “Oscar, I will deal with this matter. Don’t hurt her.”

“She shouldn’t dare to provoke James. Now it’s time to make a decision. I will not leave her.” Oscar Grayson shook Sierra Walker’s hand rudely and left the room.