Chapter 13 I’m sleeping here tonight

She lost the game!

Whoever plays the game of love loses, and she is the one who once played wholeheartedly.

Anna Wilson raised her chin proudly and said sarcastically, “Take off your clothes and dance or give up James Grayson. Now you have to choose one, I’d like to see what you chose, your modesty or your man?”

“Enough, Anna Wilson, I’m not something you can bet on.” James Grayson stands in front of Bella.

“Lost in gambling.” Anna Wilson stared at her. “If the one who lost is me, I would run to the stage and shout. I don’t love you anymore, James Grayson. Do you know? I also want not to love you.”

Bella listened to her.

David Wilson dislikes her, and she also wants to dislike him.

“I will dance,” Bella said indifferently.

“Music!” Anna Wilson roared fiercely.

The music sounded.

She went to the dance floor and danced with the rhythm of the music as if she was alone in the world and nothing else existed.

In fact, she was really alone in this world.

The one whom she loved does not love her back. And she doesn’t know where is the one who loves her?

“Take off your clothes.” Anna Wilson shouted and looked grim.

Bella looked at her. The difference between Bella and Anna is that she had retained her dignity and did not become so much disgusting like Anna Wilson.

Bella unbuttoned her shirt. Her attractive waist was twisting with rhythm. She is gorgeous and her moves were so beautiful, showing her superb dance skills. Sometimes she was enchanting sometimes gentle like a dancing fairy.

Everyone was shocked including James Grayson who had a deep eye on her. He didn’t know that she could dance. In fact, she danced so well.

The men around her stared at her like wolves.

James Grayson frowned. “Adam Wilson, take your sister away.”

Anna Wilson felt that she could not steal the men. Moreover, she let the woman steal the limelight.

James Grayson took off his coat and walked towards her. He put the coat on her and blocked everyone’s greedy eyes.

Sweet fragrance and moist heat sprang from her body and plunged directly into his nose.


Bella smiled with an undisguised sadness in her eyes and wet water flow down from her eyes. “It must be silly to behave like this, isn’t it?”

His dark eyes were deep, and he blurted out, “Do you want me to like you?”

“Huh?” Bella felt that she had auditory hallucinations and looked at him. She felt that she had misheard.

James Grayson pulled her along and murmured, “You’re drunk.”

Bella lowered her eyes. Is she drunk?

After a while, he took her to the second floor and handed her the door card. “You’re staying in this room tonight.”

“Tonight I am not going back? I have to go to work tomorrow morning.” Bella was worried.

“Tomorrow morning we will reach back to the dock. Then I will drop you to the hospital. You will not be late. Don’t worry.” James Grayson promised.

According to the situation she had to agree with him. After all, the ship is not her own.

“Thank you.” Bella turned around, opened the door and went in.

He glanced at her red heels raised his eyebrows. He felt some pity turned around and left.

Bella entered the room sat on the sofa and took off her shoes. Amelia William gave these shoes to her, and these are too hard. Her heels were red and painful. She shouldn’t wear it.

Bella smelled the body there was wine all over her. She’s going to work tomorrow. She changed her shoes with disposable slippers and went into the bathroom. Washed her hair took a bath washed all the clothes outside and inside and dried them in the bathroom. Wore a bath towel and went out.

James Grayson was sitting on the sofa. In front of the sofa, there was a first aid kit. He was looking for what he needed.

James saw Bella coming out. He looked up and saw the past. She wore only a bath towel, revealing her beautiful neck bone. The bath towel wrapped around her buttocks, revealing her slender white legs.

Bella was shocked to see him. After all, she had no clothes on her.

“Why are you here?” She asked a question nervously.

“Come here.” James Grayson ordered without answering her.

Bella explained embarrassingly, “My clothes have been washed out. It’s inconvenient.”

“What you are worried about?” He was a little angry and murmured, “Come here.”

His voice has a dominating tone that cannot be refused.

She slowly walks and whisper, “I want to rest!”

James Grayson ignored her and takes the adhesive bandage from the medicine box. “Sit down.”

He didn’t raise his head, tore off the paper from both sides of the bandage and put it on the table.

Bella knows his intention. There is a warm current in her heart. She gently says, “I can do it by myself. Thank you.”

He stopped ordering. This woman is more stubborn than he thought. He took her hand and pulls her close to him.

Bella hasn’t sat down well. He picked up her feet and put them on his legs. His movements were quick and sharp.

Bella was shocked and worried because she didn’t wear any clothes inside. She crossed her legs immediately, her thighs clamped so that there was no gap.

James Grayson picked up Povidone-iodine and put it gently on her wound. This gentleness does not correspond to the impression he gives himself.

The Povidone-iodine was applied to her feet and she did not feel any pain. Instead, his warm hands held her ankles to make her feel comfortable.

“The leather of those shoes is too hard to wear. Don’t wear those shoes again.” James Grayson ordered her.

“Um.” Bella responded.

“The other foot.” James Grayson murmured.

Bella raised her feet to the other side. James Grayson felt her action was strange he pulled her ankle into his hand.

Bella gave a soft cry.

He looked at it unconsciously.

At a glance, he can see her…

It’s only 0.1 second.

But he saw it.

Bella blushed. She wondered if he had seen it or not. Don’t turn her face and not dare to look at him.

James Grayson cleared her throat rolled her throat knot lowered her head and helped her deal with the wound. Neither of them spoke.

“Are you done?” Bella asked.

“Don’t move.” James Grayson reminded me.

His voice was sexy intoxicating and dangerous.

“When we get off the ship, you and I won’t see each other again or we can?” Bella asked.

James raised his eyes. “If you don’t want to see me again, believe me, you’ll never see me again.”

What is it that if she doesn’t want it, if she wants it? Is it all right to meet? They meet each other as?

After all, in two different worlds, there were two occasional warm episodes of their lives.

Tomorrow, she will return to her normal life.

“Um.” She only sent one word, but correctly expressed the meaning of not meeting.

James Grayson’s face was a little sad. He patched the wound and did not wait for Bella to take his feet back.

He stood straight looked down at her and flashed a trace of surprise, “I’m sleeping here tonight.”