Chapter 129 True love is selfless 1

There were many answers in her mind.

For example, to tell them the reality of her and David Wilson’s marriage. Whether they will believe it or not, at least they will not consider her status as a married woman. She didn’t care about her reputation. She was afraid that she would spoil James Grayson’s identity.

“We went to investigate the matter of Governor Trammell secretly and pretend to be lovers. At that time, James Grayson found that someone was following us, so we pretended a fake identity.” Bella answered calmly and looked straight into the eyes of the person who asked her.

“Why did you go to investigate the matter of Governor Trammell with him? Didn’t you say you have no relation with him?”

“I like Sherlock Holmes when I was young. My idol is Conan Doyle, and I am a doctor. I almost became a forensic doctor. Chief Grayson thinks that I have the ability of a detective. It was a secret mission. He doesn’t want to take too many people with him. So it was safer to take me as an outsider.” Bella explained.

Sierra Walker looked at Bella in the monitor screen, and her eyes deepened. “Actually, I really like her. She has a good psychological ability. She is calm and dignified. The main point is that she really loves our son. I think we shouldn’t separate them.”

“You are just a soft-hearted woman. When you went to meet her today, she promised that she would stay away from James. But see at night, she again slept with him. This woman has a cunning mind and lie through her teeth. She is definitely not a good woman.” Oscar Grayson said disgustedly.

“Even if she can lie through her teeth, she said all this to protect James. I don’t think she is wrong. Besides, she grew up in an orphanage and learned to protect herself. She is not a spoiled child. Do you think Anna Wilson can do such things for James? Anna Wilson is just relying on her father’s position to solve the problem.” Sierra Walker retorted.

“You also know that George Wilson is doing all this for his daughter. David Wilson is the president’s man. Your son has offended David Wilson. The president wanted to deal with the matter personally. Fortunately, George Wilson is in the middle and helping us. If we offended George Wilson and he helped the president, you will see our family members dying one by one!” Oscar Grayson’s anger burst out.

“I don’t think that the president will dare to touch us. After all, James is now the Chief of the special military region. You secretly replaced her original divorce certificate with a fake one. When she confronts David Wilson, she will know the truth.”

“So she must have to confess now.” Oscar Grayson was stubborn.

“Even if she confess it, your son will not hate her. Don’t you know it?” Sierra Walker stared at Oscar Grayson.

“Then I will give her to George Wilson and let him force James to marry Anna Wilson before letting her go.” Oscar Grayson did not agree to leave her.

“She’s innocent, don’t you think it will be too much? We have changed her marriage certificate and divorce certificate, and asked someone to pretend from discipline commission, kept her in custody. Now you want to kidnap her. Don’t make such big mistakes.” Sierra Walker shouted.

“Am I making mistakes? I’m saving the whole family.” Oscar Grayson pointed to Sierra Walker and grabbed her arm.

“Saving your own family should not be based on hurting her.” Sierra Walker shook Oscar Grayson’s hand.

“I’m not hurting her, but she’s hurting us. I won’t kill her. I just want her to leave James so that he can marry Anna Wilson. Everything will stay as planned. I am going to call George Wilson and ask him to cooperate.” Oscar Grayson took out his mobile phone.

“All right.” Sierra Walker grabbed Oscar Grayson’s mobile phone. “You want to tell your son’s only weakness to others. I think you are old and confused. Let me handle this matter.”

“I’m just pissed off by you” Oscar Grayson roared and walked out of the monitoring room.