Chapter 128 You slept with James Grayson 2

The man in charge beckoned to his men.

His men put clothes in plastic bags.

“What are you doing?” Bella asked them.

“It’s our job to check and collect evidence. You just need to cooperate.” The leader said sternly.

Bella was taken to the car by them. She looked out of the window. It was dark outside. Just like her present mood.

That day, she and David Wilson talked about divorce, David Wilson refused at first, but after that, he suddenly agreed.

Was that a trap?

In addition, she clearly saw that the staff member of the bureau at that time was very rude to David Wilson.

How could it be a fake marriage certificate?

How can everything be a plan?

David Wilson’s behavior in this period of time did not show that he knew about it. However, he decided to divorce her suddenly, who can plan this whole play?

It seemed that there was a cloud of doubts around her, and there was an anonymous person holding a sharp knife.

Who was hiding in the clouds and who killed Gabriel Athens?

Bella was directly sent to the hospital, and a gynecologist examined her. Fortunately, she had cleaned herself. Otherwise, she can be work as evidence.

After examination, she was sent to another dark room. There was a man and a woman sitting opposite her. She didn’t know them and they were looking at her seriously.

There were four cameras on the four corners of the wall.

She believed that there must be many people watching her.

“What’s the relationship between you and the chief of the special military region James Grayson?” The man asked.

“I have no relationship with him,” Bella said calmly.

“No relationship with him? Then why you two were seen together in a restaurant?” The man said tentatively.

“Once I helped him to save the hostage. The hostage was pregnant. I voluntarily went to help them. During the mission, chief Grayson protected me. After that, I invited him to dinner to express my gratitude. I had dinner with many people. Didn’t you have dinner with many people?” Bella asked.

“Don’t be too smart. Someone saw you in the same room with him. What do you have to say about this?” The man asked again.

Bella was not sure, maybe the other side was double-crossing her. “Someone? Who?”

“Don’t quibble any more. We’ve got the evidence. We are just giving you a chance to tell us honestly. We will be lenient with you, otherwise…” The man clapped the patted the table and threatened her.

Bella smiled. “I think you should catch that man. He is framing someone. I will sue him.”

“Really? Where were you the night before yesterday?” The man asked.

Bella’s eyes were cold, she looked at them and asked again, “Who is that man?”

“You have no right to know. You are supposed to answer our questions.”

“The night before yesterday, I was in Athens Village. I accompanied the chief Grayson to investigate a case. We found the murderer Gabriel Athens, but Gabriel Athens was killed with a sniper gun. I suspect the one who gives you information is probably that sniper.” Bella said.

“Don’t change the topic. What you said will be reported to the superior. You can encounter a problem.”

“I have no problem with that.” Bella retorted directly.

“When you were in Athens Village, did you sleep with James Grayson and something happened between you two that shouldn’t have happened? Try to be honest. We have evidence.”

Bella remembered that they had used a condom that night and then they throw it in the garbage can.