Chapter 125 Bella loves you 1

Bella didn’t take the towel from him. “I don’t want to get married.”

“Huh?” James Grayson was stunned, “I got it.”

He took out a jewelry box from his pocket, knelt on one knee and opened it.

There was a diamond ring in the jewelry box.

“Bella, marry me.” James Grayson proposed her.

The light fell on his handsome face and made him look more charming. That diamond ring was shining brightly but to her eyes, he was even brighter.

She really wanted to take it. But… She clenched her fists, squatted on the ground in front of him and looked at James Grayson.

James Grayson also noticed something, “What’s the matter?”

“James Grayson, I think it’s too fast. One month is not enough for us to know each other. Moreover, whenever I think of Gabriel Athens’s death, I always feel that we are responsible. I want to help him find out the murderer behind the village’s massacre. I don’t want to think about our marriage.”

James Grayson’s eyes darkened. “Do you think we need to find out the murderer before marrying, or you don’t love me?”

He asked directly, Bella’s eyes twinkled, she lowered her head.

She couldn’t say that she loves him. It will hurt him.

She didn’t want to say she didn’t love him. It was hurting her.

James Grayson looked at Bella and his face became gloomy. “What if I tell you that if we didn’t get married now, I will have to marry someone else? You will still stay reluctant?”

Bella frowned.

She knew why James Grayson was in such a hurry to marry her. She knew Wilson’s family’s thoughts. But he was ready to bear any storm. If he didn’t get married, now. He’s afraid that he can’t cope with the later affairs and have to marry Anna Wilson. He wanted to end this matter by closing his only room for maneuver.

Bella didn’t want him to close his room for maneuver. “It’s too early.”

He noticed her cold behavior.

“I got it.” James Grayson stood up and walked towards the door.

Bella looked at his back, her words were choked in her throat.

“James Grayson, I love you,” Bella said and watched him going out.

He left, and she felt a cold invasion on her whole body.


Amelia William came back, opened the door and saw Bella sitting on the sofa. She was looking lost and worried.

“What’s the matter?” Amelia William asked worriedly.

“I was thinking about my past. When I was a fresher at the university, there was a competition at my university to win the title of the prettiest girl in the university. The one with the first position will get 10,000 bonus and the chance to shoot advertisements.

I really want to get 10,000 bonus. In order to win the competition, I have done a lot of things, such as performing, dancing, talk show, singing, cheering for the most handsome boy of the school in the playground, etc.” Bella recalled.

Amelia William said with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to be so crazy when you were a fresher.”

“Yes, I really wanted to get that ten thousand bonus,” Bella said with a strange smile.

“What was the result?” Amelia William asked curiously.

“Someone cheated and in the final results my position was below 10.” Bella took a sip of water and swallowed the bitterness into her heart. “And because I really tried to win, I became a thorn in the eye of some of my competitors, and they revenged me several times.”

“It sounds like a miserable past. Forget it. Those things are gone. Don’t worry now.” Amelia William said with relief.

“I’m thinking, that I always covet for things that couldn’t be mine and ended up hurting myself.” Bella judged and took a deep breath.

Amelia William heard her, “You and James Grayson quarreled again?”

Bella shook her head. “Amelia, I’m going to move out of here in two days.”

“Why? Oh, we’re going to the military region, but we still have to come back to live here on holidays.” Amelia William reminded her.