Chapter 124 Don’t be afraid I won’t dislike you 2

David Wilson ordered the food.

Bella lowered her head and checked the video recorded by the camera on her mobile phone. Today’s video was enough to convince Richard Johnson that Emma Johnson may not be able to win David Wilson.

“Where have you been these days?” David Wilson asked.

“I don’t think I am supposed to tell you.” Bella turned off the monitoring system and put her mobile phone in her bag.

“Let me guess. James Grayson took you to the Athens Village and found Gabriel Athens.” David Wilson said with a smile.

Bella was surprised, “How do you know?”

“Even James Grayson’s own parents don’t expect James Grayson to find the murderer. What do you think, who had killed Gabriel Athens? Oscar Grayson or George Wilson?” David Wilson said with an evil smile.

“I think your chances are also not less. It can be you.”

David Wilson graciously poured himself red wine. “Anyways, all are murderers. If it was me, I would kill James Grayson directly. Why beat around the bush?”

Bella thought he was right.

Her cell phone rang. She looked it was James Grayson’s caller ID. Her eyes dimmed, and she couldn’t hide her sadness.

David Wilson tightened his fist and looked at Bella coldly.

Bella didn’t answer the call.

David Wilson said, “I warned you before. It’s better to stay away from James Grayson. He’s not a man you can have. His family will never accept you. Why did you make it difficult for your own self?”

Bella took the red wine cup from the table and drank it all.

James Grayson’s message came to her phone.

Bella opened the message.

“What’s the matter? Are you at home? I’ll be at your door in ten minutes.”

Bella read it and immediately stood up.

David Wilson stopped her again and blocked her way. “No way to go.”

“I have something to make clear to him. I am not escaping.” Bella said and her eyes turned red.

“All right, make it clear.” David Wilson left her way.

Bella went out.

He gritted his teeth and called Emma Johnson. “Come to the Eternity Garden.”


Bella went back.

James Grayson was standing at her door and when he saw her coming, he smiled.

Bella’s heart hurt. She walked towards him, reached out, hugged his waist and buried her face in his chest. She wanted to absorb the warmth of his body.

She remembered their first meeting. At that time, he held her in his arms and said, “I will protect you.” He kept his promise and always protected her.

Before him, Bella began to hate memories. She felt memories made her life more miserable. But now, she began to like memories. These warm memories can support her to hold on bravely.

James Grayson said softly, “We will keep standing at the door all the time?”

“I want to hug you like this,” Bella said softly.

“What’s the matter? Where did you go today? Why do you dress up like this?” James Grayson asked.

Bella walked ahead and opened the door.

“I want to change my looks a little, so I went out to buy cosmetics,” Bella said and went into the bathroom.

James Grayson followed her to the bathroom and raised a smile. “You are beautiful without makeup. I’ve seen your ugly look. Don’t be afraid I won’t dislike you.”

Bella’s eyes were red, she closed them and splashed cold water on her face.

James Grayson handed the towel to her. “I have dealt with all the matters easily. I will take you home this week. I want to settle the matter of our marriage as soon as possible.”