Chapter 123 Don’t be afraid I won’t dislike you 1

When Bella arrived at Eternity Garden, David Wilson had already arrived. When he saw Bella, his eyes flashed with amazement. He had never seen Bella wearing much make-up and such clothes. Today, she was looking completely different.

Sexy, enchanting, and the most outstanding

Indeed, she was naturally beautiful.

Kate Andrew was really beautiful and she married Richard Johnson who also had good looks. Bella inherited the characteristics of both of them. And that’s why she was even more beautiful than Kate Andrew and Emma Johnson.

Bella elegantly walked forward and sat opposite to David Wilson.

David Wilson smiled and poured the red wine for Bella. “I’m surprised that you asked me for dinner.”

Bella looked at him, “Other than some past events we don’t have any serious grudges. There was no deep hatred.”

David Wilson smiled and leaned on the chair lazily. “Tell me, what can I do for you?”

Bella shook the red wine cup, and he fell in love with her beautiful eyes. Through the red wine cup, she looked at the distorted world and said nothing.

David Wilson felt that the more silent she was, the more mysterious she looked.

He held Bella’s hand.

Bella didn’t move.

He stood up and sat next to her.

Bella looked at him, her eyes were filled with the usual cold. He has never seen such temperament except in her. David Wilson’s heart surged, he bent over and kissed her lips.

Bella stopped his lips. “I have a very important thing to tell you.”

“What?” David Wilson was a little drunk and he looked at Bella. “You have become so charming now. I was reckless to avoid you. But now I regret it. Can I come back?”

“I’m going home,” Bella said lightly.

“Going home? Whose home? My house? Anyways, you are always welcome you.” David Wilson said with a charming smile.

“It’s not your house, its Richard Johnson’s house. I want to take back everything that belongs to me.” Bella said firmly.

David Wilson doubted, “You never said you were the governor’s daughter before, you didn’t even reveal it to Amelia William. Now, you want to go back to Richard Johnson. Why?”

“I have seen many things clearly. Can you help me?” Bella asked.

David Wilson moved closer, looked at her ruddy lips, and asked in an ambiguous tone, “What can I get in return?”

“What do you want from me? In fact, I have nothing. You know, if I had any other away, I would have never think of going to my father.” Bella laughed at herself.

“Bella, I began to like you more and more now. Be my woman.” David Wilson breathed heavily and kissed Bella’s lips.

Bella stood up and looked at David Wilson coldly.

Before their marriage, when he persued her, he said all these words to her that he liked her. But she remembered what happened later.

“I want to be Richard Johnson’s daughter, and you will become my brother-in-law. I think you should maintain a certain distance from me. For my entry in Johnson’s house, the biggest hurdle is Emma Johnson. Please help me in handling her.”

David Wilson’s face became ugly. He didn’t like women’s refusal. He took up the red wine glass and drank it in a gulp. He said dangerously, “I can help you. But what about me?”

“Mr. Wilson doesn’t lack women.” Bella refused.

David Wilson also stood up and looked at her. “Now James Grayson is getting married to Anna Wilson, are you still waiting for him?”

“I know who is worth waiting for, who is worth protecting, and who worth my love. Mr. Wilson doesn’t have to worry about it. I’ll check out.” Bella walked towards the door.

David Wilson took her arm. “Why are you in such a hurry? It’s been only half an hour. We still have two and a half hours. Accompany me for dinner.”

Bella sat down reluctantly.