Chapter 122 Subtle fragrance comes from bitterness 2

“You never contacted me, why do you want to come back now?” Richard Johnson asked suspiciously. He lowered his voice and gritted his teeth.

Bella slightly raised the corner of her mouth. In the past, she was alone, she could support her mother well with her own ability. She didn’t want to go to a man who hated her mother and her.

But now, she can’t trouble James Grayson to protect her. Instead, she wanted to protect him. Because this is what we called Love!

Love is not just to stay together with him, but to see him having a better life.

“Dad, I am having a hard time and I miss you,” Bella said lightly.

“Didn’t you have a good time in the hospital? David Wilson has divorced you and you are free now. Besides, he always loved Emma.”

“Well, my father has the choice to disagree. But after that, I will have only one choice to rely on my father’s political enemies. I believe that they will give me a better response.” Bella calmly said.

“Do not dare.” Richard Johnson threatened.

“Dad, actually, I’m your daughter, and your blood is running in my veins. You only have two daughters. Emma Johnson and I. Emma Johnson is the apple of your eye. She has been spoiled since childhood. She is short-tempered and can’t stand hardship. You also know that her EQ and IQ are too poor and insufficient. She can never help you. Don’t you want someone to help you?” Bella tried to persuade Richard Johnson.

“How can you help me?” Richard Johnson didn’t believe it. His heart also knew how badly he treated her daughter and wife.

“Blood is thicker than water. In fact, only my father can help me. It can only be better if my father becomes good to me. I have clearly understood this.” Bella said coldly.

“I need to think about it. You know your step mother’s position and status. I can’t decide it myself. In addition, David Wilson may become your brother-in-law. If you move to our house, Emma will hate me.” Richard Johnson had many things to worry about.

“Are you sure that David Wilson will marry Emma Johnson? Well. Later, I’ll send a video to Dad. Maybe, that will help you to decide.” Bella said proudly and hung up.

She sighed and decided to spoke to them with wisdom and courage. She has to move step by step now.

She made up her mind and called David Wilson.

“What a surprise, you called me?” David Wilson was curious.

“Are you free? I have something to discuss. Two hours later, I’ll see you in the Eternity Garden. I will book a cabin there.” Bella said cautiously.

“Okay, I’ll see you in two hours at Eternity Garden.” David Wilson hung up the phone suspiciously.

Bella went to the Eternity Garden booked a cabin and set up a pinhole camera in it.

After that, she went to a nearby shopping mall and bought a silk embroidered skirt with a V-neck. She has been with David Wilson for four years. Although she has never had a relationship with him, but she knew the type of woman David Wilson liked.

Those women must be, sexy, enchanting, with a good figure, easy to get hold and easy to get rid of.

She wore a short skirt. It showed her cleavage and she looked incredibly hot and sexy. The beautiful cuts of her skirts made her curves more attractive and revealed her crystal clear white and slender legs.

She bought a set of cosmetics from the beauty shop and asked the makeup artist there to put on a particularly enchanting makeup.

And the battle begins!