Chapter 120 They have a child 2

“Don’t worry, whether he is worthless or priceless in my heart, you will get the result as what you ask for,” Bella said coldly.

Sierra Walker stood up. “I just want to say it. On behalf of James Grayson, my family and myself, I want to thank you for your sacrifice. I still have another thing to say.”

“Say it.” Bella sat on the sofa.

“James once had a girlfriend, whom he met when he was a special soldier. She was a very outstanding, talented, confident and beautiful girl. But that girl sacrificed herself to save James.

After getting discharged from the hospital, James remembered nothing other than that girl. He was so hurt that he lost his sense of reasoning for long. He went on to do difficult and dangerous tasks. He played with the death. He did not listen to our advice. We were also well aware of his state of mind.

It took him two years to be normal. For him, those two years were dark and colorless, but for us, that time was horrible and scary. We have seen our son going after death.

If now, he came to know that you are sacrificing for him, he will not bear it. He is the kind of person who would rather destroy himself than to let others sacrifice for him.

We are his parents and we love him very much. Young girl, love is short but life is eternal. James does not belong to himself but belongs to the country. He is a man who can do great things. Can you help him do this?” Sierra Walker asked and looked at Bella.

Tears came out of Bella’s eyes and went through her lips, she felt her inner self as salty and bitter as these teardrops.

She has the right to say no?

No, she cannot!

She felt envious that James Grayson has such a mother. For her child’s sake, she came here humbly to ask a person for favor who is nothing.

She also has a mother and for the sake of her daughter’s education, she knelt down on the roads in winter and begged money.

She also has a child, and when they snatched that child from her, she almost has gone crazy and injected herself with too much insulin. She thought, if her child cannot live, she will also die.

But then she thought again, if her child stayed alive, then, how will he stay without his mother? A child without a mother in this word will be pitiful. She hurriedly called the emergency number to save herself.

David Wilson found a psychiatrist for her, and that psychiatrist consoled her that for an illegal child who came into this world due to rape should not exist in this world and…

“Bella, are you ok?” Sierra Walker noticed Bella’s state and asked worriedly.

Bella tried to calm down and tears flowed down from her eyes. That memory about her child was too tragic, she has been trapped in that memory.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Grayson. I know what to do.” Bella’s lips trembled, her head bowed, her fist clenched, and the blue tendons on her neck burst. She was trying to suppress the state that was about to collapse her.

Tears fell down on the ground.

Sierra Walker’s eyes were softened, and she felt sorry for Bella.

Before coming here, in her mind, Bella was David Wilson’s ex-wife. She hated Bella. A woman who provoked David Wilson and her son. She expected Bella to be a cheap woman, and she wanted to see what kind of EQ and IQ Bella have. She was fully prepared to handle her.

If Bella had showed a cunning mind and bad-temperament, she would have dealt with her easily. She did not expect Bella to be noble and virtuous. But she was a righteous girl, full of affection, with a calm personality.