Chapter 12 Won’t let him off so easily

Jessica stopped the car, got off and walked slowly. She watched the street lights turned on one by one.

Finding a step to sit down, Jessica stared blankly at the passing people across the street. Several young college students walked together chatting and laughing, which suddenly reminded her of the time when she was in art school.

She liked acting. When she was young, her mother hired a teacher for her. She was talented, so she learned effortlessly. She went to the famous art school with high scores. Then she met Alex and lost her heart.

She believed him and was the biggest fan of him. She did everything by herself and finally helped him become somewhat famous in the entertainment industry. She thought the underground love was also sweet.

As a result, life was simply like a TV show, which was frightening.

A light rain began to pattered. People on the street took shelter from the rain. Jessica just sat on the step with her head on the knees. It rained more heavily. She was soaked through, but she did not move.

After a time, an umbrella was held over Jessica, sheltering her from the heavy rain.

Jessica dimly saw a pair of leather shoes. She raised her head and saw Ryan holding an umbrella standing in front of her. He was standing there with his thin lips closed together. He was tall and strong, which made her feel safe.

Jessica sniffed and said in a choked voice, “Ryan…”

She sat there pathetically and was soaked through. Looking up at him with water beads on her face, she looked so aggrieved when she called him.

Thinking of her attitude towards himself, Ryan still kept a cold face. “Stand up and go home.”

Jessica struggled to stand up, but the step was too slippery and she fell.

Ryan reached out his hand quickly to hold her. His heart melted for no reason when he felt her cold arms. He took off the suit jacket and let her put it on after they got in the car.

The car was moving on the tarmac. It was quiet inside the car and no one spoke.

They arrived home within ten minutes.

The servant said the mother was asked out to play mahjong and she would come back tomorrow morning. Jessica went upstairs to to change clothes, and Ryan rolled up his shirt sleeves and walked to the kitchen.

The servant hurriedly said, “Master, what would you like to eat. Please let me know. I’ll cook for you.”

“Never mind. Go about your work.”

“Yes.” The servant saw Ryan enter the kitchen and felt it strange. She had worked in his family for more than a year, but she hadn’t seen him cooking in the kitchen. This was the first time.

After taking a bath, Jessica felt more comfortable. She went downstairs slowly and smelt the food.

Her favorite bun and soup were on the table.

Ryan came out of the kitchen with bowls and chopsticks. He looked cool, “Sit down and eat.”

“Ryan, did you cook it?” Jessica was surprised. She thought it was prepared by a servant .

He seemed displeased, so Jessica didn’t dare to ask any more. She sat down to eat obediently. The soup tasted warm, which gave her a good appetite. She ate a bun in two bites.

Ryan tapped the table with his fingers and asked lightly, “What happened?”

“It’s nothing. Just my boyfriend cheated on me.” Jessica was eating the bun and said vaguely. After coming back for a hot shower, she thought she was silly. Because her boyfriend cheated on her, she exposed herself to the rain.

Ryan knew these of course. He investigated Alex before and knew his misdeeds, so he bought the agent of Alex and let him post the information online. Then waited for Jessica to catch his red-handed personally.

Ryan asked, “Do you need any help?”

“No, I’ll solve it by myself.” Jessica shook her head and her eyes were cold. “He took me as a stepping stone. I certainly won’t let him off so easily.”

She was a reporter. It was very easy to ruin Alex.

“Well.” Ryan answered, and unbent his brows.

Fortunately, the little girl was positive and didn’t let him down.

Jessica was very satisfied with a bowl of soup and a plate of bun. She didn’t forget to fawn on Ryan, “Brother, you cook so well. If you open a restaurant, I guess it will be full of guests everyday.”

Ryan didn’t appreciate it at all. He drove her to go to bed and gave her a cup of ginger tea passingly.

Jessica was disgusted at the smell of ginger. She took it reluctantly.

At midnight, Ryan seemed to hear some noise from the next bedroom, so he went to knock at the door and check. He found that Jessica had a high fever, sweat heavily and was short of breath.

He hurriedly made a phone call, “Come over to my home!”

“Are you crazy? It’s three o ‘clock in the morning!”

“Ten minutes!”

“All right, all right, I’ll be right there!”