Chapter 12 The Wicked Tell on First

Lily looks carefully, and the man still seems to be enigmatic. As if it was her illusion just now.

Rex’s letter seems to be trapped in a memory. Instead of answering, he changes the topic, “Send your resume to my email tomorrow.”

Lily asks, “What do you want to do?”


“You help me find a new job so soon!” Lily quickly swallows the porridge in her mouth, “What to do, and where? Do they need my resume? But I have no working experience… ”

“If you have work experience, you don’t need me.”

After all, it was also one of her demands at the beginning. She is not so relieved to go through the back door openly.

“Then… Is it a legal job? ”

Rex’s eyes fall on her face. The expectation of the woman’s eyes makes his original plain heart driven. Suddenly, he doesn’t want to tell her so easily, “Want to know?”

Lily nods her head quickly.

“Sit here.”

Rex points to his own thigh.

Lily’s smile freezes. And she turns around her eyes. “I suddenly don’t want to know…”

The man thin lips hooks. Very good, this is the reaction he wants.

Rex does not continue to force her, a meaningful look at her, turns upstairs.

After eating, Lily downloads a resume template. After carefully filling in the template, she sends the video recorded yesterday to Rex.

Thinking of work, for several days gloomy mood finally has a trace of pleasure, but this pleasure has not been maintained for a long time, is interrupted by a phone call.

It’s mother’s call.

Lily takes her mobile phone to the window, takes a long breath, and pretends to pick it up easily, “Hey mom, how do you think of looking for me?”

Unexpectedly, Bree at the other end of the phone is not relaxed and her voice is harsh. “Lily, where are you now? Tim just told me that you haven’t been home for several days in a row. What’s the matter? ”

Lily doesn’t expect that Tim, a man who cheats first, would dare to complain first. She feels disgusted that he bets that she would not tell Bree about it.

Having been with each other for many years, he doesn’t love her, but he stills knows about her.

“Mom, it’s OK. Don’t worry too much. We’ll deal with it by ourselves.”

“Then you tell something to me” Bree doesn’t know the truth, but thinks that Lily is not sensible. “Lily, it’s normal for couples to quarrel with each other. People say that couples quarrel at the head of the bed, but they get together at the tail of the bed. You don’t even return home now. Even if Tim wants to make up with you, he can’t do it. You’re wrong!”

Lily listens to her mother’s scolding. She doesn’t know the truth, so she doesn’t blame her, but she can’t help complaining. “Mom, you can’t care about our affairs. You and my father just need to take good care of yourselves.”

“Now hurry back and don’t hang out alone. You are married. If you let Tim’s parents know, you will be blamed.” Bree persuades a lot.

Lily is sad. Every time there is a problem, they always consider it from the standpoint of each other, but Tim’s family regards their retreat as weakness.

Especially thinking of Susan’s arrogant face, she hates Tim’s family even more.

After appeasing Bree’s mood, Lily immediately finds Tim’s number from the blacklist and dials it. When the phone rings twice, he picks up.

Lily laughs at herself. He didn’t answer the phone so many times. Now he is going to divorce. He is diligent in answering.

“You finally call back. It seems that my mother-in-law is more effective.” Tim’s frivolous voice came.

Lily feels uncomfortable in her stomach. “Tim, you have a thicker cheek than I think. You dare to lick your face to my mother when something like this happens.”

“So what, aren’t you afraid to tell your mother?”

“Yes, I dare not. When we’ll get divorced, I dare say anything.” Why not say now? Because Lily doesn’t want her family to worry about her.

Tim listens to her determined voice and immediately pats the table in the office, “Lily, I’ll tell you again, if you want to divorce, there is way!”

“I am afraid that you can’t depend on it.” Lily doesn’t want to talk with him more, and her tone is already impatient, “Where are you now? Let’s meet and talk.”

Tim subconsciously looks at the environment around his eyes, and the word “company” is just about to be uttered on his lips. Suddenly, he thinks of something and says, “I’m at home. Come here.”

Lily immediately hangs up and doesn’t want to talk for a second.

She changes into a comfortable dress, takes the bag and walks at once. As soon as she opens the bedroom door, she happens to bump into Rex, who is walking to her.

When Rex sees that she has changed her clothes for going out, he asks in a bad voice, “What are you doing?”

“My mother is waiting for me. Let me go now.” Lily dare not say the real reason. Last time, he almost broke her mouth just due to a phone call. This time, going to meet Tim, there is another torture if Rex knows.

Rex hears that it is her mother’s business, and does not ask more, just says, “You are not well.”

“My fever has gone down. She’s in a hurry. Let me go at once.” Lily is very anxious. After all, Tim is so shameless, so she doesn’t know what Tim will say to her mother when she is late. Maybe he will find her mother’s house directly.

“I’ll see you at home by eight o’clock in the evening.”

Lily replies perfunctorily, “I see. I need go.”

Rex watches the woman stepping down. She changes her shoes at the door, and goes out quickly.

He turns and walks into the bedroom, looking at the empty room. He feels like letting the little white rabbit go home.


Lily takes a taxi to Tim’s villa. Her mind is full of how will Tim say nonsense to her mother. She doesn’t think much about it at all. When she sees the man sitting on the sofa haughtily, she can’t bear her anger.

“Tim, what’s the point of doing this?” Lily is standing in the living room, and his eyes are full of anger.

The latter raises his eyelids and looks at her. She always looks like a standard daughter-in-law. At this time, she is staring at herself, which makes Tim feel like he has never known her before.

He raises his legs and puts them on the table with a cool voice. “If I don’t do this, can you come home? Lily, you’ve grown up. You dare to disappear! ”

Lily really wants to say “Who are you!” But she doesn’t want to argue with him. She just looks at him without any emotion. “I warn you, don’t disturb my parents again. If there is another time, I don’t mind letting people in your company know about your infidelity.”

“Dare you!?” Tim gets up from the sofa and walks to her in a few steps. The breath of men surrounds her instantly.

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