Chapter 12 Get drunk, you have me

“You like it or not, I don’t care.” James Grayson said indifferently.

Anna Wilson’s sharp eyes swept toward Bella with hatred and aggression. “Are you James Grayson’s girlfriend? Do you think you deserve him?”

James Grayson shielded her in his arms and said to Bella in a low voice, “Don’t pay attention to her.”

Anna Wilson became crazy, she grabbed Bella’s hand with great strength and gripped her wrist, said, “I asked you? Are you his girlfriend?

Bella stayed silent.

“Anna Wilson.” James Grayson pulled Bella behind him and said coolly, “You are trying to hurt my girlfriend.”

Anna Wilson ignored James Grayson and shouted at Bella, “Are you his girlfriend? Why don’t you say it? Are you dumb? This man is not yours. How can you be so brazen?

“I think it’s you who are brazen.” Bella cold voice.

Anna Wilson’s eyes burst with anger. “You are a clown in my eyes. How much did James Grayson give you? You get out of here now and I’ll give you ten times more to you.”

“Don’t you think it’s you who is the clown? A foolish woman strives for love but a wise woman for dignity.” Bella spoke out it all.

Anna Wilson raises her hand to slap on Bella’s face.

James Grayson grasped Anna’s arm quickly. His black eyes were covered with a layer of cold light. He warned, “Don’t overreact.”

“Was it me who went too far? You’re my fiance but you’re bringing other women with you.” Anna’s whole body was trembling. “One was enough. Don’t force me.”

“I have never admitted that you are my fiancee.” James Grayson’s dark pupils darkened, and he snapped, “If you treat her like Jane, I won’t bear it.”

The atmosphere condensed to zero in an instant.

“All right, all right, don’t make any noise.” Adam Wilson came as a peacemaker and pulled Anna Wilson’s hand. “Don’t create a mess. You are not his fiancee.”

Anna Wilson shook off Adam Wilson’s hand and her eyes turned red. Looked at James Grayson and said, “Do you dare to kiss her? If you kiss her, I’ll believe she’s your girlfriend!”

James Grayson was silent.

Anna Wilson sneered, “You can’t, James Grayson! I’m the only person in the world who deserves you. Don’t run away.”

James Grayson sneered and turned to Bella. Bella was shocked by an unusual light beam in his eyes. She took a step back unconsciously.

He pressed his hand on the back of her head and touched her warm lips. A series of current flashed across her lips. Bella’s surprisingly widened her eyes. And she was in a trance for a moment.

He’s going to kiss her. She tightened her lips to keep him out. His slender fingers ran into her hair and pressed her neck forcing her to look up. His tongue opened her mouth, and the strong essence of his aroma penetrates her mouth and nose.

Bella’s heart was beating wildly. She didn’t like to be kissed by a strange emotionless man. She pushed her hand across his chest.

He grabbed her resisting hand and kissed her aggressively and wildly from picking her tongue lightly and fiercely. The heavier breath blew on her face and he deepered the kiss.

Bella recalled three years ago. That man was as dominating as him. Over and over, he hit her soul until it was broken. She had pain there for many days.

Bella shivered and knocked on his back.

James Grayson wanted to stop, but he was unable. With great difficulty, he loosened her red and swollen lips.

Bella looked at him defensively and wanted to slap his face. But… It was she who promised to pretend. It’s too rude of her to slap him in front of everyone.

Anna Wilson clenched her fists. Her eyes were red. She went to the bar and poured the wine. She was going crazy with jealousy.

Adam Wilson sighed and comforted Anna Wilson, “Forget him, there are many good men in the world.”

“But they are not James Grayson.” Anna Wilson was so paranoid that in a sip she drank all the wine in her glass. She looked at Bella with jealousy, held two bottles of wine and cried, “Hey, that woman, do you dare to drink with me!”

Bella looks at Anna Wilson.

“How do you want her to drink? I’ll take her place!” James Grayson said angrily.

Anna Wilson smashed a bottle of beer and lost control of her mood. “Why do you drink? It’s a struggle between women. I’m starting to declare a war with her. James Grayson, I repeat, you’re only mine.”

Bella looked at her crazy appearance and felt some pain in her heart. Is it true that women all over the world suffer when they don’t get their lover’s heart?

Because of pain, she wanted to rather hurt herself!

She’s in a bad mood, too. Because of her mother for herself and more because of David Wilson.

“Okay, I’ll drink with you,” Bella said softly and walked towards Anna Wilson.

Anna Wilson was surprised that Bella dares to accept the challenge and scorned. She can drink a thousand glasses of wines without getting drunk. This time Bella surely has to face defeat.

“If you lose, you strip yourself and dance here and if you refuse to do so you have to return me back my man.” Anna Wilson announces her intentions.

“What if you lose?” Bella inquired lightly and sympathy flowed from her elegant eyes. When a man does not love you even if you get married to him. It will become a punishment. Perhaps, Anna Wilson didn’t understand it yet.

“I won’t lose.” Anna Wilson said proudly.

“If you lose, free yourself. Run to the stage and shout, “James Grayson I don’t love you anymore!” Is that all right?” Bella gently said and slightly raised the bitter corners of the mouth.

If she doesn’t love David. She can ignore him and those women with whom he has affairs. If she did not love David Wilson. He couldn’t hurt her.

Hopefully, this dislike had come earlier not after so much pain just to retain dignity.

“Well, don’t say it. I won’t give you a chance. There are three bottles of beer. Let’s see who drinks fast.” Anna Wilson said brightly.

Bella took the beer raised it. James Grayson held her hand.

His eyes flashed with concern and he murmured, “Don’t drink!”

She smiled at him, her eyes fluctuated, and something damp was surging.

“If I got Drunk, I till have you, right?” Bella said.

Her trust shocked James Grayson. His dark eyes grew deeper and deeper, and he gazed at her in elegance and sadness and let go of her hand.

“Get Drunk. You have me.” James Grayson promised.

Bella raised the beer and put it to her mouth.

One bottle after one.

The wine was too late to swallow and flow down to her clothes. But her heart still hurts.

After three bottles of wine were finished, Bella put down the empty bottle, wiped the wine stains near her mouth, and saw three empty bottles on Anna Wilson’s table.

Showing a sad smile. “I lost.” She admitted.