Chapter 119 They have a child 1

Sierra Walker heard Bella’s answer and was slightly surprised. At first, she perceived Bella’s personality as a gentle girl, but now her character seemed to be different from her imagination. She didn’t expect her to be so fierce.

“There is something that James didn’t tell you.” Sierra Walker lowered her eyes and took a sip of tea.

“What?” Bella had a bad feeling in her heart.

“James loves you very much. He loves you more than we can imagine. That’s why he is doing his best to protect you from every hardship. For your safety, he fought with the whole world alone. You have no idea how he has brought your presence peace to you. Do you know that?” Sierra Walker smiled, but her eyes expressed her heartache.

“I don’t understand. Can you make it clear?” Bella frowned.

“George Wilson, you knew Anna Wilson’s father. He is now the head of the Discipline Inspection Commission. Now he has some evidence against James’s father.

James’s father and I agreed to let James marry you if he finds out the killer who killed Governor Trammell, but if he can’t find out, he has to marry Anna Wilson. When we promised him, we were sure that he wouldn’t be able to find him, so we deliberately disclosed this news.”

Bella stood up angrily, “Your deliberate cause Gabriel Athens’s death.”

Sierra Walker didn’t look at Bella directly. “We disclosed the news because we thought that there must be someone who doesn’t want James to find Gabriel Athens and he will stop him. We didn’t expect that he would be killed.”

“Mrs. Grayson is so smart, how is it possible to not expect it?” Bella spoke bitterly. She didn’t expect that a parent can try to harm their son.

“I admit we were selfish, but we did this only for James. Although it has been proved that the murderer of Governor Trammell is neither Oscar nor James. No record of Oscar and Governor Trammell’s contract exists. This matter can be solved with George Wilson’s order.

But there is still something you may not know. Do you remember the day when you were taken away by your husband David Wilson?” Sierra Walker reminded her.

Bella did not speak.

“In order to save you, James directly asked the authorities to arrest David Wilson. You don’t know the identity of David Wilson. His mother, Jessica Lewis, is a member of the cabinet and president’s woman, Jessica Lewis is even admitted by the president’s wife. This is an open secret in our circle. In fact, David Wilson is the president’s man.

Due to James, David Wilson has to step down from his post, and he resigned. These actions directly offended the president.

Then there have been rumors that James will be president in the future. You know, Luis Taylor, the president’s son, is 24 now. The president wants his son to hold his position and be the next president. Actually, this kind of contradiction due to restrictions for rights is common in our circle, and there is a current balance.

But the problem is, if George Wilson didn’t let go Oscar, then it will destroy this balance. The president will also have grudges with Oscar and then Oscar’s and my fall down will be inevitable. After our end. James’s end will not be too far.

So, James has to marry Anna Wilson. If you really love him, please save him by letting him go. These eight million are not for buying your love, but compensation for your sacrifice.” Sierra Walker said emotionally.

Bella looked at Sierra Walker.

Sierra Walker was a strong independent woman. For so many years, she has been involved in business and politics. Her EQ and IQ were not a thing that ordinary people can catch up with. She persuaded her.