Chapter 118 Worthless or priceless 2

Bella can see that Sierra Walker’s behavior was very good. She was elegant and noble. Her speech was sweet, and her face continuously had a charming smile that made her look even more dignified and generous.

But her words were sharper than knives.

Another meaning of her sentence was pointing in some other direction. She was comparing James Grayson with tea leaves. She took James Grayson and made his parents and the whole family cry.

“The tear seller took 100 dollars. Only those who understand good tea can make a good one. Those who don’t have much conscience can’t, even if they spent 100,000 dollars, they can’t make a good tea, right?” Bella said without being humble.

“It’s true that many people can’t taste a good tea, but people are different. My son James was outstanding when he was a child. I want to send him to Cambridge. His father didn’t agree, he wanted to send him to a military school.

But, James has always been independent and has his own point of view. At the age of 14, he graduated from high school and went to the best university in China. After four years, he completed his postgraduate studies and decided his path.

He went to work as a special soldier without telling us. His father almost got heart disease because of anger. He didn’t fear dangerous tasks he always took risks. He has always been rebellious, disobedient, arrogant, conceited, and the person who believes in my life my rules theory.

However, it is gratifying that with his own efforts, he has made great contributions and soon promoted to the level of a major.

But after that, something bad happened.

He took eight of his special soldiers out to carry out the mission. There was a spy in them and other than James all of them were dead. When he came back with the hostages, he was injured. As he returned to the army, he fainted and got admitted to the hospital bed for a week.

After that incident his father and I really got worried. But he was still determined. He almost died several times.

His father and I hired so many people to go after him and to protect him. That’s why, he has been living safely until now, and now he became the youngest general. What do you understand from it?” Sierra Walker said with great emphasis.

“It doesn’t matter what I understand, you tell me what you want to say?” Bella asked directly.

“My son is strong and rebellious. He has reached this position after bearing so much hardship. He used to rely on himself rather than his family. He is a person who wants to do well, and he is very proud, strong and domineering. But he is still a child in our eyes.

Parents always love their children the most and cannot see them suffering outside. They always struggle to give their child the best in the world, but still worry that it is not enough.

Bella, from your speech, eyes, and nature, I can say that you are actually a reasonable person. I really like your temperament very much. But, to be fair, you can’t go along with James. You can be the biggest hurdle in his life.”

Sierra Walker took out a check from her bag. A check of eight million and put the check in front of Bella.

“This is the compensations that I want to give you, hope it can reduce some of the hurt in your heart.” Sierra Walker said with a smile.

Bella lowered her eyes and pushed the check back to Sierra Walker. “In aunt’s eyes, James Grayson worth eight million dollars? Do you think he is worthless or priceless?”