Chapter 117 Worthless or priceless 1

James Grayson and Jeremy Hodges drove overnight to come back home. Bella wanted to share the burden and wanted to drive the car, but James Grayson didn’t let her do that.

It was 6:30 in the morning when they reached the city.

Amelia William got up when Bella reached home. She saw Bella and smiled, “How is everything with James Grayson, has he resolved all the conflicts?”

“Yes, I’ll make breakfast for you.” Bella went to the kitchen.

Amelia William followed Bella into the kitchen and asked curiously, “The matter of his marriage with Anna Wilson has been solved?”

“It will be solved soon.”

“That’s great. I knew it, James Grayson is a real man. Hahaha, I will be at ease when you two will be together. You cannot imagine my tensions. When you two were not together, due to worry, my hair almost turned gray.”

Bella laughed, “Don’t worry so much about me, what about you? Your father must be very worried about your marriage.”

“I have brought the application form of the military region, also filled in for you and submitted it. When I l join the military and face those hot men every day, are you in doubt that I won’t get married? I have to choose the one I like.” Amelia William said optimistically.

“That’s good. Did that young master Luis Taylor still pester you?” Bella asked worriedly.

“He? He has a lot of women, so he must have forgotten me, which is a good thing for me. I just regar it as being bitten by a dog. Dear, you make the breakfast first, and I’ll use the time to put a face mask on my skin.” Amelia William went out happily.

Bella cooked porridge and went out.

“Are you going to work today?” Amelia William asked.

“I spent the whole last night in the car. Although I didn’t drive but I still didn’t sleep well. I’m afraid that I will not be able to concentrate, so I won’t work today.”

“It’s ok. My father is an intelligent man. On Monday, he has hired two gynecologists to replace you and me. I’m full, I’ll trouble you to wash these dishes, Muaah.” Amelia William kissed Bella and went out of the door.

Bella washed the dishes, cleaned the house and lay down on the bed. She was thinking about James Grayson how he will handle things now. She thought it must be a bit easy.

“Tink Tink.” The door knocked.

Bella walked to the door and suspiciously looked from the door hole, it was James Grayson’s mother, Sierra Walker.

Bella met her at Anna Wilson’s home, so she knew her. Sierra Walker knocked on the door again, as if she was determined to meet her.

Bella thought she cannot avoid it. So she opened the door, and respectfully greeted, “Hello, Aunt, please come in.”

Sierra Walker looked inside the apartment and said with a smile, “Although the apartment is not big , you have managed it well.”

Bella poured a cup of tea and put it on the tea table in front of Sierra Walker.

Bella sat on the opposite side and said, “Please have tea. I personally picked this tea from a mountain when I went out with my colleagues this year and asked the owner of the tea shop to fry it.”

Sierra Walker took a sip. “Well, it’s fragrant. The taste is very good, and it’s sweet and refreshing. Indeed, it is good tea.”

“I’ve picked a lot, and I also like it very much. If my aunt likes it, I welcome you to come to my home and drink it often.”

“I must say that you really have good taste. Good tea leaves are the basic essence of making good tea. According to the current market price, it will not be worth less than 10000 dollars. How much was it when you picked it?” Sierra Walker asked casually.

“It’s arranged by a tour group. It was 100 dollars per day. And one can pick as much he wanted.” Bella replied honestly.

“Girl, you’ve got a big advantage. The owner of the tea house must be crying.” Sierra Walker put the teacup on the tea table and said with a smile.