Chapter 116 Things have taken a new turn 2

There were ten iron boxes in the cave. The villagers opened them to see. There were a lot of gold bars in them. We counted them, and it was 1,000 gold bars. There was also a treasure map in the box. My father said that he would give everything to the state.

But I disagreed. The state didn’t give us a road or power. These gold bars will be enough for us to make a road. My father didn’t agree. I got angry and left the house.

My dad went to meet some higher officials of the state. I don’t know that person’s name, but I am sure, he is a devil. That devil killed 107 villagers and an innocent girl who came to meet her grandfather. They did all this for the gold bars and the treasure map.

However, heaven’s net has wide meshes, but nothing can escape from it!

They did not think that I had already stolen the treasure map from my dad and had traced it and made an exact copy of it. Unfortunately, I can’t understand the treasure map. I also don’t know if those people can understand it?” Gabriel Athens wiped his tears and touched the tombstone.

He put the copied map on the ground and recorded its video carefully. Then, in front of the tomb, he burned the map.

“I hope that one day if someone saw this video. He can use this treasure map to find the murderer and avenge us.” Gabriel Athens said and stopped the video.

James Grayson copied the video and stored it in the cloud disk. For security reasons, he also sent a copy to his mailbox. After that, he opened the second video. The video showed Bradley Trammell. Bradley Trammell is Governor Trammell’s full name.

James Grayson opened it.

“Today is the day when I am going to kill Cheng bin. This dog official is corrupt, and he perverted the law, he killed 107 villagers. Look, this is my monitor screen.” Gabriel Athens talked to himself.

He moved the camera towards the screen. The scene of the inspection department can be seen on the screen.

“I transformed the gun and attached the camera with it. As long as Bradley Trammell appeared in front of it, he would die with a bang. By the way, I also sent the smoke bomb there.” Gabriel Athens said with a smile.

He put the video recorder on the side, Gabriel Athens and the monitor screen can be clearly seen in the recording.

Gabriel Athens made a bowl of noodles and ate half of them. Looked at Bradley Trammell coming out. He immediately put down the bowl, remote control exploded the smoke bomb, but after that Bradley Trammell cannot be seen clearly on the screen.

He adjusted the direction, pressed the mouse and shot Bradley Trammell. He fired three more shots.

After killing Bradley Trammell, Gabriel Athens picked up the video recorder, aimed at himself, and smiled, “Successfully dealt with the first, the others wait for me, I will deal with them one by one.”

— The video stopped.

James Grayson looked at Bella, “It seems that God wants me to marry you.”

“Can this video prove your innocence?” Bella was afraid of being in a dream.

“With this video, I will be able to prove it. The address I saw in the video is not Gabriel’s this place. It must be near the procuratorate. When we go back, I will go to the police station and the procuratorate to check it. I will find out the house he rented, the equipment of the house, and the DNA all can prove that it was Gabriel Athens.” James Grayson explained patiently.

Bella breathed a sigh of relief. James could prove his innocence. Their efforts were not in vain.

James Grayson holds Bella’s hand tightly. He has been in a tense mood for long, finally, he can relieve.