Chapter 115 Things have taken a new turn 1

“Rachel Ainsley’s character is not credible, the court will not accept her testimony.” James Grayson said to Bella.

“Who can kill Gabriel Athens? Is it related to the previous gold bar case, or someone doesn’t want you to find the murderer to prove your innocence?” Bella’s head ached.

She leaned James Grayson’s shoulder. James Grayson didn’t speak, but he was confused. He looked at Bella and held her hand tightly.

“Chief, do you want to eat something? You haven’t eaten anything today.” Jeremy Hodges suggested.

“Find a place to eat. We won’t stay at the previous hotel. I suspect that someone has followed us. Pay attention to keep this mission hidden. Also, find a safe place to stay tonight.” James Grayson said.

“Yes, chief.” Jeremy Hodges found a restaurant and stopped.

Bella opened the door, got off the car and was about to walk when she heard a sound and stopped. She subconsciously looked at the sound source.

It was a dagger, the same as Gabriel Athens’s dagger.

She picked it up and asked James Grayson, “How Gabriel Athens’s dagger came in the car? He didn’t come to our car. I remember he was holding this in his hand. ”

Jeremy Hodges’s face turned pale. “Maybe he becomes a ghost. Did he put it in our car?”

James Grayson glared at Jeremy Hodges, “Don’t talk nonsense. There are no ghosts in the world. If he is a ghost and can put the dagger in our car, then he would have killed the killer with this dagger.”

“That’s right, but how did it come to our car?” Jeremy Hodges felt mysterious.

James Grayson looked at Bella and glanced at Bella’s pocket.

“Bella, when you rushed to Gabriel Athens’s side, he still had his one last breath, right?” James Grayson asked.

“Yes, but it didn’t last long,” Bella said sadly.

“He used all his strength to put the dagger in your pocket. At that time, you were in a state of hurry and didn’t feel it. When you got on the car, because your pocket was shallow, the dagger slipped out of your pocket. When you got off the car, it fell on the ground.” James Grayson said analytically.

After James Grayson’s analysis, Jeremy Hodges was satisfied. “I think that’s a reasonable explanation. But why did Gabriel Athens put a dagger in the chief’s wife’s pocket? ”

Bella heard the words, chief’s wife, and smiled, “I’m not the chief’s wife.”

Jeremy Hodges took a look at the chief’s face. “But you are going to be, right?”

James Grayson didn’t deny it. He took the dagger from Bella’s hand, observed it and turned it around. The handle of the dagger was empty. James Grayson looked all around the dagger and a USB flash drive fell on his palm.

Bella looked at James Grayson in surprise, “USB flash drive, what can be in it?”

“Get in the car.” James Grayson said cautiously.

They hurriedly sat back in the car.

James Grayson opened his laptop and inserted the USB flash drive. There were two videos. He opened the first video named “my village.”

“This is my village, Athens Village.” Gabriel Athens recorded himself, then pointed at the tomb and his voice choked, “My family, relatives, friends, lovers, children were all buried here.”

Gabriel Athens sat next to the tombstone, recorded himself, and said with red eyes, “I think I will also be killed soon. I want to leave some evidence, so as not to die in the same way as the people of my village.

Five years ago, we dug a hole in our village.