Chapter 114 I will marry Bella 2

Her hands became even colder. He held her hands tightly with his hand warm hands. Bella’s eyes twinkled, and she looked at James Grayson.

He smiled, “You have me. I can solve any problem, do not worry.”

Bella was not at ease. She had a lot of worries. But, at least she has him by her side and her heart gradually calmed down under his comfort.

Jeremy Hodges came back and reported, “Reporting to the Chief, the man has run away.”

“Um.” James Grayson didn’t say anything.

Police arrived

“Deal with it.” James Grayson left the matter to Jeremy Hodges, held Bella’s hand and sat in the car.

“We don’t have to go out to report the method?” Bella asked James Grayson.

“Let Jeremy Hodges deal with it first. I have told you everything. If they ask you anything, you will say exactly what I said to you. Normally, they won’t dare to ask me anything. Jeremy Hodges knows how to deal with it.” James Grayson locked the front.

As James Grayson judged, those police officers didn’t dare to knock on the door at all, they put Gabriel’s body in the car and left.

Jeremy Hodges opened the driver’s door, sat in the car, and reported, “They took the body back. They will keep it for some forensic tests. I have guide them as per your instructions.”

“Alright, we will go back now.” James Grayson said.

In the car.

James Grayson called Oscar Grayson. “I want to tell you something. The killer has been found. His name is Gabriel Athens. However, he has been killed by a sniper gun ten minutes ago. I don’t know who shot him.”

“What’s the matter? How could it involve a sniper gun?” Oscar Grayson asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think it’s as simple as I thought. I’m not sure who killed the murderer but I’m sure that someone is following me.” James Grayson said.

“The murderer who killed Governor Trammell is now dead. There’s no proof that he has killed Governor. Now George Wilson will think that you killed Governor Trammell. There is no other way. In order to press down this matter, you must have to marry Anna Wilson as soon as possible.” Oscar Grayson said angrily.

“I can stand all this. I did nothing wrong, and I am not afraid of criticism.” James Grayson refused.

“But I can’t bear it. Your mother can’t stand it. I called Governor Trammell, and he sold the land to our Grayson. He had confessed it in front of George Wilson.” Oscar Grayson said worriedly.

“It can also be a framed accusation by Governor Trammell. Didn’t you say that they didn’t find the recording evidence of your call with Governor Trammell? In addition, the land was not plundered, it was purchased at the normal market price. This is not a big problem. I have to drive now. I will talk to you later.” James Grayson said.

“Your mother and I promised you that if you will find the murderer, we would allow you to marry Bella. Now that the murderer is dead, we would not allow you to marry Bella.” Oscar Grayson said.

“I don’t need your consent to marry Bella. You can refuse, but it won’t change my decision.” James Grayson hung up the phone.

Bella looked at him.

He really wanted to be with him, he told this thing to his parents so firmly. Bella couldn’t stop herself from falling for him.

“If she can have such a caring husband, what else she needs to ask for?” Bella thought in her heart.

“Tell me one thing. If we find Rachel Ainsley, can it prove that Gabriel Athens murdered Governor Trammell?” Bella asked softly.