Chapter 113 I will marry Bella 1

“Okay, I’ll go with you, but I won’t confess. And I can guarantee that you can’t find any evidence to prove me guilty. I’ll confess it when you find out the person responsible for the Athens Village massacre.” Gabriel Athens put down his dagger.

James Grayson walked towards Gabriel Athens.

Jeremy Hodges saw a flash of light and said, “Chief, be careful. There is a sniper.”

Bella’s thought that someone might have come to know about Gabriel Athens and came here to kill him. At this point, she can’t let Gabriel Athens die.

Bella jumped on and stood in front of Gabriel Athens.

James Grayson turned around and pushed Bella away.


“Are you ok?” James Grayson asked worriedly.

Bella looked at James Grayson with burning eyes and there was only one thought…

When people encounter such accidents, their first reaction is a subconscious response. In this situation, James Grayson just thought of saving her. This proved that in his mind, she is the most important!

“I’m ok, what about Gabriel?” Bella looked at Gabriel Athens.

Gabriel Athens shot in the forehead and fell to the ground.

“Gabriel Athens.” Bella ran towards Gabriel Athens.

Gabriel Athens’s face was covered with blood, and his eyes were widely open, and he breathed his last breath.

Bella worriedly held Gabriel Athens’s forehead, “James Grayson, send him to the hospital for rescue. Call them quickly to prepare for intracranial surgery. Maybe we can save him.”

“Jeremy Hodges, catch the killer.” James Grayson called Jeremy and ordered.

Jeremy Hodges hurriedly ran in the direction of the sniper gun.

Bella realized that they can’t save Gabriel Athens at all. She was sad, “Who are these people? Why do they kill Gabriel Athens? What is their purpose? ”

Gabriel Athens closed his eyes.

“No, you can’t die.” Bella pressed Gabriel Athens’s chest in panic.

Gabriel Athens died. The sniper gun shot at his head and they couldn’t save him.

“He cannot die.” Bella’s eyes were filled with sorrow.

James Grayson held Bella.

Bella looked at James Grayson and said, “Gabriel Athens is dead. Now, no one can prove your innocence, right?”

“I’ve contacted the local police. They should be here in a moment. Bella, you have to calm down.” James Grayson held Bella’s shoulder.

Bella knew that she can’t calm down after seeing a person dying in front of her. After all, she didn’t have the mental control like a soldier. She held her head and closed her eyes. Gabriel Athens hadn’t had a close relationship with her, but she was still feeling very restless.

James Grayson had seen his girlfriend, his team and now Gabriel Athens dying in front of him. She couldn’t even imagine his situation.

She thought, she should behave a little rational. She can’t leave him alone. She opened her eyes, looked at James Grayson, “What I should do now?”

“The police will be there in a moment. They will investigate a little. The less you will tell, the safer you will. Don’t talk about gold mines and treasures, so as not to alert the other party, understood?” James Grayson said calmly.

James had a very strong will power, even in such a state he looked calm.

Bella understood and nodded.

“When they ask, we will say that we suspect that Gabriel has something to do with the death of Governor Trammell, but before we could investigate, he was killed by some sniper.

After that, we will hand over this matter to the police, and we will do our secret investigation. I am sure that they will not dare to conjecture anything about me. On the news media side, I would ask people to pressurize to cover this matter, so that we can get time to solve it.” James Grayson explained.

“Well, Okay,” Bella said, but her hands were still shaking.

James Grayson looked at the blood on her hands. He used the mineral water to clean her hands.