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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 112 Apology 2

After a while, they reached Gabriel Athens’s place. He had rented the second floor.

James Grayson glanced around and said to Bella, “Stay in the car.”

“Okay,” Bella replied.

She watched Jeremy Hodges. He opened the door and pointed the gun at Gabriel Athens. Gabriel Athens saw them and tried to defend himself. He jumped over the wall and tried to run away.

James Grayson ran behind him.

Gabriel Athens realized that he could not escape. He immediately put the dagger on his own neck. “Don’t come here, otherwise, I will die in front of you.”

“You killed Governor Trammell, didn’t you?” James Grayson asked fiercely.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t kill anybody. Don’t come close to me.” Gabriel Athens warned them.

“Then why are you running? If you didn’t kill, you wouldn’t need to hide.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“I will not go with you. I would rather die than go with you.” Gabriel Athens replied.

“If you will die, who will avenge 107 villagers?” Bella’s voice sounded.

Gabriel Athens paused, looked at Bella and frowned.

Bella stood beside James Grayson and looked straight at Gabriel Athens. “Haven’t you and Rachel Ainsley planned everything? It’s not just Governor Trammell who slaughtered the villagers. There are at least five people. Once you die, who will avenge the 107 villagers? The murderer will still live a normal life. Do you want this to happen?”

“I have killed Governor Trammell. If I get caught, I still can’t avenge.” Gabriel Athens said and his eyes turned red.

“Who says that you can’t avenge? Your own strength is as light as an ant. If you handed over this matter to the police and the country, then it will become strong as a rock, are you getting my point?” Bella advised.

“Those people are all senior officials. Governor Trammell was nothing in comparison to others. Police will not dare to arrest them. It will be of no use.” Gabriel Athens wasn’t convinced.

“It will be of use. I’m James Grayson from the special military region. My rank is Chief of Special Forces. If the police refused to help you, my men will check for you.” James Grayson promised.

Gabriel Athens still didn’t believe James Grayson and Bella.

“You are a soldier, not the police. Why did you come to arrest me? Why should I believe you?” Gabriel Athens was nervous. “Are you also involved in the murder of villagers?”

“If we were involved in that massacre you have been dead till now, instead of standing here and talking to us.” James Grayson said in a cold voice.

“Then why are you looking for me?” Gabriel Athens asked.

“Because they suspect that I killed Governor Trammell. I’m looking for you to prove my innocence.” James Grayson said coldly.

“Your innocence will be proved. But I will never be able to avenge if I go with you.” Gabriel Athens was not calm.

“If you do something wrong, you should be punished by the law. I promise you. I will not let those people go unpunished. I will ask a lawyer, I will not let them execute the death penalty, I will let them wait till the day when the truth will be revealed, and then your villagers can rest in peace.” James Grayson’s promised.

Gabriel Athens looked at Bella.

“You used five years of investigation and what you found out? Nothing! If Governor Trammell hadn’t been caught and expose this matter, you wouldn’t have even known that Governor Trammell was involved in it. How many five years do you think you will have to find out others?” Bella asked rationally.

“Will you really help me to find out the people behind that massacre?” Gabriel Athens’s attitude was somewhat relaxed.

“I promise in my name.” James Grayson stared at Gabriel Athens.

His strong aura and outstanding personality can persuade anyone!