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Chapter 111 Apology 1

In a moment, Bella fell asleep. James Grayson thought it was uncomfortable for her to sleep like this. So he put his arm around her shoulder and let her sleep on his lap. He was afraid she would fall down, so he had been hugging her all the way.

Jeremy Hodges glanced at the chief secretly. It was for the first time that had seen his chief being so gentle to someone, especially a woman.

James Grayson looked at Bella.

These two days, she followed him all the way, thought a lot of ways, tried to find clues, climbed mountains and took many risks. She didn’t utter a single word to complain. She even walked ahead of them and didn’t trouble them.

He admitted that he should have controlled his temper.

Anger is a sharp sword and with this sword, you can only hurt the ones around you.

His soldiers always borne his anger, but she was not supposed to bear.

The car stopped.

Bella opened her eyes and looked up to meet the eyes of James Grayson.

She sat up quietly and looked out of the window. “We has arrived the hotel?”

“Let’s eat something first and Jeremy Hodges and I will go to find the only survivor of Athens Village after dinner. You can stay at the hotel and have some rest.” James Grayson’s tone was much softer.

“I don’t need rest, can we have dinner later? I think we shouldn’t delay more. Maybe Rachel Ainsley has informed Gabriel Athens, and there are chances that Gabriel Athens has already escaped. He is the most important person to solve this case.” Bella suggested.

James Grayson nodded to Jeremy Hodges and gave the address of Gabriel Athens’s place to Jeremy Hodges.

Bella’s hair was a bit messy. She unrolled her hair and simply combed it with her fingers.

James Grayson stared at her.

She didn’t look back at James, and her actions were elegant and a bit cold.

“Bella.” James Grayson called her name.

Bella looked at him.

“I’m sorry, I got angry with you.” James Grayson apologized.

Bella was stunned.

She knew his proud and cold personality. He had already apologized to her. Unexpectedly, he again apologized. She knew that it wasn’t easy for ordinary people to apologize, and it must be even harder for him.

Her heart was touched!

Bella thought it was normal to quarrel because of different opinions and ideas. She was upset, but when she calmed down and thought about it, she felt it was nothing. It was not betrayal. He hasn’t stepped on her bottom line.

People without mood and temper are abnormal people. She admitted she also had an even worse temper than him.

“I did not behave rightly either. I shouldn’t comment on the things I don’t know.” Bella also apologized.

“Once, I took my team of eight special officers to save a politician. There was a traitor in the team, and my special officers died by the enemy’s gun. At last, I was the only one who survived, and Rachel Ainsley ran away at that critical moment.

All the evidence proved that she is a traitor. In recent years, I have been chasing her. These dead villagers are the barriers that I couldn’t cross. Therefore, when I see Rachel Ainsley there I lost my senses.” James Grayson explained.

“Um.” Bella nodded.

James Grayson took her hand. “But you’re also right. If she was a traitor, then why she didn’t return to her team after finishing the task but hide in this Athens Village. I’ll investigate her. ”

“I’m talking nonsense. You know how to handle your matters of army.” Bella said in a soft tone.

“Are you still angry with me?” James Grayson asked and looked at her worriedly.

Bella shook her head. “No, it’s just a natural reaction. Actually, there are some emotional reactions. I will be fine after some time.”

“Well, if I do something wrong in the future, you can tell me directly. Don’t start a cold war with me. I will feel uncomfortable.” He pulled her in his arms.

Bella leaned against him and looked out of the window.