Chapter 110 The so-called love can bloom or fade 2

“We are going back.” James Grayson said coldly.

Bella looked at his back, she could feel he was not fine.

“Do you want to arrest Gabriel Athens?” Bella asked.

“If anyone violates the law, he must be punished accordingly.” James Grayson looked forward sharply.

“What about the truth? It will be kept hidden or public?” Bella asked again.

James Grayson did not speak. According to his understanding of the relevant departments, 99% of the actual information will stay hidden.

First, they worry that it will cause a bad social impact. Second, it will cause pressure from other departments. Third, it’s too bloody and heinous, that it will cause chaos in the country. Fourth, it can alert the enemy.

Bella was annoyed by James’s silence.

“I think Rachel Ainsley is innocent. If Rachel Ainsley is really an informer or a spy as you said and has leaked that information, she should have gone abroad and will be living happily. Why she is living such a miserable life here?

In addition, Gabriel Athens is an ordinary villager. He cannot have much knowledge of explosives and guns. I believe that Rachel Ainsley taught him these skills.

Gabriel Athens doesn’t hurt the innocent, and I have seen innocence and righteousness in Rachel Ainsley’s eyes. I don’t think she can lie.” Bella honestly said what she felt.

“Bella, that’s enough. You’re not a soldier, not a policeman, and you don’t represent the government. I have said enough, and I don’t want to hear about this again.” James Grayson shouted at her.

Bella noticed the flash of disgust and impatience in his eyes. She lowered her eyes and didn’t say anything. She noticed that James didn’t want to hear. Now, no matter what she will say, reasonable or unreasonable, he will not believe it.

So why to say more and embarrass herself more?

Bella didn’t speak anymore. She climbed the mountain alone.

James Grayson regretted it. He was in a bad mood. He shouldn’t be angry with Bella. Bella was not his soldier, nor the object to vent his anger.

“I’m sorry.” James Grayson apologized.

Bella ignored him. She climbed up quietly.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon when they came back to the car. And no one had lunch.

Bella sat in the car and looked out of the window.

James Grayson looked at Bella and frowned, “I didn’t mean to get angry with you. I didn’t expect to meet Rachel Ainsley here, that’s why I lost my temper. I’ll pay attention later.”

Bella didn’t speak. She closed her eyes to sleep.

Her mind was wondering…

What is love?

To care about each other, to appreciate each other, to listen to each other, don’t want to separate from each other, to stay with each other every day.

Or, it is just the need of a wife or husband in life, to carry on one’s ancestral line?

If, it’s of first kind, then no matter what she will say, James Grayson, will listen patiently.

But if it’s the second kind, then no matter what she will say, he would feel upset, repelled and disgusted.

If she doesn’t want to go on, there love will remain as it is or fade away?

Or, it will prove, that she doesn’t love enough.

It was true that just in a month, she can’t love with all her heart. But she knew that her heart wasn’t only extremely sensitive and fragile, but also very firm and invincible.

She has always been a passive person, not only in socializing but also in her heart affairs.

But if someone is nice to her, she pays back him with double affection, regardless of right and wrong. She didn’t fear anything. But if someone is bad to her, she can take back her heart.

James Grayson held her head and put it on his shoulder.

Bella didn’t want to go close to him just after a fight. She needed some time to be alone. She opened her eyes rested her forehead on her own arm and leaned on the seat in front of her.

James Grayson’s heart tightened, and he felt some kind of inexplicable sorrow!