Chapter 11 You want to have something to do with me?

As Bella arrived at the gate of the Military Region, a Land Rover rode beside her and stopped. The car was familiar.

The black car window slowly went down.

James Grayson looked at her sternly and said. “Get in the car.”

He used the tone of command that others couldn’t reject. Bella guessed that he was avoiding be seeing by other people, so she opened the door quietly and sitting in it. She did not speak and leaned against the seat.

The atmosphere was stiff.

“Well, how can I transfer the money to you?” Bella asked in a timid way.

He didn’t look straight in her eyes. There was coldness in his eyes. “I don’t accept bribes.”

“This is your money, which you spend on cosmetics.” Bella explained.

“If you don’t like those cosmetics, just throw them away.” James Grayson said ruthlessly.

It’s not like a joke. It’s the truth.

Bella had a strange feeling in his heart. She did not like his attitude, “You make it difficult for me to do so, and how can I keep your things. It is not appropriate, after all, we have nothing to do.”

James Grayson looked at her profoundly and asked, “Do you want to have something to do with me?”

Bella’s speechless.

She recognized his intentions and the feeling made her very embarrassed and secretly excluded, “I have a husband.”

“Do you think I don’t know?” James Grayson looked ahead and drove the car.

Bella couldn’t figure out what James Grayson was thinking and looked out of the window impatiently.

“You do me a favor.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

What he said was a declarative sentence. Bella did not speak and hung her lips.

“Don’t want to ask anything?” James Grayson looked at her and said.

“Now that you call me, I’m sure I can help. I didn’t remember the day before yesterday, but I think you must have helped me. So definitely I should help you.” Bella said frankly.

“Be my girlfriend.” James Grayson said lightly.

Bella looked at him in surprise. It’s unbelievable for her.

“A fake girlfriend.” James Grayson added, “Just have to attend a party with me.”

“I’m married. I’m not fit to pretend to be your girlfriend, am I?” Bella reminded him.

James Grayson’s eyes are deep like the ocean. “Just because you’re married, I’m not worried. You don’t want to have something to do with me, do you?”

Bella paused.

It seems that what he said was reasonable. It is impossible that he had doubts about a married woman. Otherwise, yesterday they would….

Bella cleared her throat.

The mobile phone rang.

She looked at the phone screen, it was Amelia William.

“How is your date going with that soldier?” Amelia William asked pleasantly.

Bella’s mobile phone’s speaker was a little loud. She was afraid that James Grayson would hear it.

She was very embarrassed. She lowered her voice and said, “What date, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Pounce, Pounce, Pounce on him, he will certainly make you enjoy it. Hahaha…” Amelia William laughter came out.

“If you talk nonsense again, I’ll hang up the phone.” Bella was a little annoyed.

“Just kidding. I’ll send you a gift tonight. Have fun. Pounce on him, grab him.” Amelia William finished and hung up the phone.

There was a sudden silence in the car.

Bella licked her lips.

She peeked at James Grayson.

He was looking straight and driving the car.

She did not know how much he had heard and wanted to explain. But if he hadn’t heard it and she explained it would show that she’s diffident. So she decided to stay quiet.

She looked out of the window. The car passed the Iris Hotel.

She saw David Wilson coming out with a beautiful woman in his arms. He was in a good mood and whispered to the beautiful woman in his arms. Then smiled and kissed the woman on her forehead.

Bella turned her face, leaned back on the seat and looked straight indifferently. Mist gathered in her eyes.

Like feelings, all the memories of David Wilson were compressed in her tears.

Stop looking at him. Stop thinking about him. The pain will eventually stop.

Meanwhile, her mobile phone rang.

She looked at. It was David Wilson’s phone.

She paused and did not answer. The mobile phone rang again. She answered.

“Where are you?” David Wilson’s tone of voice was always frivolous. There was the sound of women laughing and panting, continuously.

“Where am I? You don’t need to care.” Bella said angrily.

“Within an hour, go back to your apartment. I’ll come to your apartment.” David Wilson said coldly.

Bella hung up David Wilson’s phone and threw her cell phone into her bag.

James Grayson looked at her. “I can drop you back.”

“No need.” She was determined to look ahead.

James Grayson’s eyes flowed with pity, his eyebrows twisted and his heart was agitated. He accelerated car speed. After a while, the car arrived at the dock. They stopped in front of the big cruise ship with the “Grayson’s” flag.

James Grayson opened the car door for Bella. She got out of the car.

James Grayson put his hand on her shoulder and gently held her, leaving enough space between them.

He has a kind of taste and fragrance that give her light comfort and leisure. She promised to pretend to be his girlfriend. She could accept this kind of shoulder-to-shoulder contact. Even if it is not real, the performance should be done well.

They got on the armor.

Adam Wilson came up to welcome them. His eyes turned to Bella. He looked at James Grayson with concern. “Was she all right yesterday?”

“Yes.” James Grayson responded, pulling Bella’s a little closer into his arms.

Adam Wilson raised his eyebrows and sighed. “It seems that my sister’s heart and soul will not bear it tonight. Go in. They’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

James Grayson entered with Bella in his arms.

The ship set to sail. It was a little shaky. Bella becomes unstable. His hand shifted from her shoulder to her waist for stabilizing her body. Bella felt an electric current on her numb waist. Her back was stiff and she looked at him.

“Wait till the ship is stable.” He murmured, as if the action was just to protect her.

She received a gentleman’s protection with a petty heart. “Thank you.”

They went in.

There were small bars. A lot of people. Those people saw her coming in with James Grayson and they are very close. The eyes were surprised, jealous, provocative and lively.

Especially for her beautiful red phoenix eyes. Where the sharp edge wants to shoot her to death on the spot.

Bella could see her hostility.

“Let me introduce to you my sister, Anna Wilson.” Adam Wilson’s introduced them.

Anna Wilson scornfully looked at Bella and James Grayson’s face. A pair of big eyes gathered sharp edges, but they were very wronged and said, “Do you find a fake girlfriend to fool me?” She’s not your type.”