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Chapter 11 Cook Personally

Karl drives away from the Rex’s villa, his mind full of Rex’s words “I seem to be fine” just now.

That wink matches that tone. If he can’t hear what it means, he must be a complete fool.


Thinking of the woman on the bed, he could not help igniting the heart of gossip. Rex, who has always regarded women as dirt, now is charmed by a little girl?

She seems to be in her twenties. There’s a light soft beauty between her eyebrows and eyes. She is not an amazing beauty. At best, she is pure and pleasing.

He has spent such a long time and can’t persuade Rex. He is worried about the rest of Rex’s life. Suddenly, Rex is conquered by a girl, which makes Karl feel a little strange.

Thinking about it, he still decides to keep calm. After all, he was joking just now. Rex soon cut him to pieces with his eyes. If he really did something bad, Rex must strip his skin off?

Karl curls his mouth and hammers the steering wheel of Land Rover, “Care more about woman than friend.”

Rex has another meeting at 10 a.m. He looks at the time and calls his secretary, Joe. “Change the meeting at 10 a.m. into a video meeting. I can’t catch up now. Send the meeting materials to my mailbox right now.”

Joe feels surprised but still sends the information to him immediately. He hangs up the phone and informs the participants one by one. Occasionally, in the spacious and bright conference room, someone asks in a low voice, “Why does it suddenly become a video conference?”

“Maybe president Rex is on a business trip.”

Joe is so ashamed that president Rex, who has never been late or absent from work or several years and arrives at 8:30 every day, unexpectedly misses the meeting today.

Rex has a meeting in the study. During the meeting, he pays attention to the time at the bottom of the screen. He doesn’t forget Karl’s enjoin to change the dropper every hour

“Well, today’s meeting is over. If you have any questions, you can come to ask me.” After a brief summary, Rex ends the meeting, turns off the camera, and calls Joe alone, “When will the company recruit in autumn?”

Joe does not expect that Rex suddenly asks this question. He turns over the manual and says, “Soon, the 13th of this month, that is, the day after tomorrow.”

Every year, the law firm will face with the school and the society to recruit two groups of new people. They are all the elites or potential stocks in law industry. The application conditions are tough, but there still are thousands of resumes. Finally, five people are left after rounds of selection.

“Add a person in.”

Joe is even more surprised. In those years, a senior executive also added his relatives to law firm, and he was directly dismissed after being known by Rex.

Now Joe wipes the sweat on his forehead and feels that the world is mysterious, “Mr., you say.”


When Lily wakes up, it is more than one o’clock in the afternoon. She opens her eyes for a moment, slowly sets up from the bed, takes the cell phone on the bedside table, and freezes slightly.

Did she sleep so long?

She looks at the white adhesive tape on the back of the hand, and notices the cool medicine on the side. And finally she realizes her current situation, and also remembers Rex’s urging in the morning.

Her eyes fall on the empty side of her body. Lily gets out of bed and puts on her slippers. After washing, she goes downstairs lightly. The first floor is empty. She calls out tentatively, “Rex?”

Waiting for a moment, no one answers, is he out?

Lily breathes a sigh of relief, but suddenly stops when she turns around.

The man is standing on the stairs behind her in a casual dress, holding his hands in front of his chest, looking at her.

Lily touches her nose awkwardly and smiles, “You are at home…”

“I’m at home, and you’re disappointed.” It’s not a question, it’s a statement.

Just now her reaction all fell into the eyes of Rex. She was so relaxed when no one was around, and she was too surprised to when she turned around.

Lily stands in the same place with a stiff body. Obviously, she doesn’t have a good idea about how to be calm and share the same roof with the man in front of her.

Rex comes to her in a few steps. He raises his hand to try the temperature on her forehead. Unexpectedly, she dodges his hand. Rex narrows his eyes dangerously and his expression is too terrible.

Lily thinks that he is going to do something bad, and thinks about how to make up for him. She just pulls his hand and puts it on her forehead

This action let Rex’s face alleviate a little, “Fever has gone down…”


There is another silence. Rex looks at her tense appearance, looks away from her, and walks into the kitchen. Lily can’t leave him alone. After all, last night, she saw Rex’s angry appearance, so she doesn’t have the courage.

Wrapping around night gown and sitting on the sofa in the living room, the sun is shining in the afternoon. They are warm through the light white curtain.

Not long ago, suddenly there is an attractive smell in the air.

Until now, Lily hasn’t eaten. Looking at the kitchen, she sees that Rex is just putting a white and delicate casserole on the table. “Come on and have a dinner.”

Lily blinks her eyes, walks quickly, and looks at the delicious vegetable porridge and small dishes on the table. “These, these is for me?”

Rex lifts his eyelids slightly and puts down two porcelain bowls. “I’m hungry.”

It’s just for Lily to eat by the way.

Lily curls her mouth and doesn’t care. She cleans her hands and sits down. It’s good to have something to eat anyway.

The porridge is very delicious. Although it’s mild, it has a light fragrance. It’s a pleasure to drink it into the stomach with sour yet sweet dishes.

Rex doesn’t go on after drinking half a bowl. Lily glances at him secretly. He said they were made for him. But Lily is afraid that he is not hungry at all.

Sometimes he forces her in bed, but at another time, he helps her cook porridge. Is he schizophrenia?

However, considering his care, Lily finds a topic, “Could you cook originally?”

“Yeah.” Rex is sitting in the main position with a single tone in his nose.

“Don’t rich people like you invite cooks and nannies? It’s rare that you still have this sentiment……”

“I don’t like there are strangers at my home.”

Lily hand stops a little and she looks at him. “Isn’t normal to have a nanny?”

That time, when she and Tim just got married, she still couldn’t do everything in order at home. She was also assisted by her nanny.

After that, Lily sees a trace of loneliness and pain in Rex’s expression.


Lily is shocked that the big devil will suffer from pain?

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