Chapter 109 The so-called love can bloom or fade 1

“You believe that I’ve killed Scarlett. No matter what, you won’t let me go. You wanted to kill me for hundreds of times. What’s the big deal if I kill one more person?” Rachel Ainsley said.

James Grayson’s eyes burst out and he rushed towards Rachel Ainsley.

Rachel Ainsley took out her pistol and pointed at James Grayson. “Hurry up and find that girl. If you can’t find her in half an hour. She will surely die.”

“If you dared to hurt her, I would leave no place on this earth for you to hide.” James Grayson said angrily.

“Oh, James Grayson. You will regret it.” Rachel Ainsley said, opened the window and jumped out.

James Grayson smashed his cell phone with anger. He regretted why he left Bella alone and put her in this difficulty.

“Bella, Bella.” James Grayson called her name.

Bella lowered her eyes, leaned against the pillar and kicked the table inside. The enamel cup on the table fell down and clanged.

James Grayson heard the sound, lay down on the ground and asked again, “Bella, do you hear me?”

Bella kicked the table with more force.

James Grayson hurriedly knocked on the ground. He found the floor under the bed, lifted it and jumped in. Turned on the flashlight and saw Bella.

He untied Bella and pulled off the tape. “I’m sorry, Bella, I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can understand. Let’s get out of here.” Bella said. She was absolutely calm. In the past, she bravely faced three vicious gangsters, and she had been just tied up.

They went out and Bella immediately said, “James Grayson, I know who the murderer is.”

“Rachel Ainsley? I don’t think so.” James Grayson judged.

“Gabriel Athens, the only one who survived in Athens Village. They dug gold bars in the village and there was a total of 1000. Governor Trammell doesn’t take all, there are also other people. The villagers were not killed by disease. They were slaughtered. Gabriel Athens is the son of the village head. He wants revenge. I suspect that Gabriel Athens is the one who is a friend with that fruit seller.” Bella guessed.

“Rachel Ainsley told you all this?” James Grayson showed an average attitude.

“Rachel Ainsley asked me to tell you that she was not wrong. Someone framed her. Now she’s looking for evidence to prove her innocence. Don’t pursue her.” Bella gave Rachel Ainsley’s message to him.

“Do you believe it? If she was just looking for evidence, why she hid in this place and pretended to be a ghost? No one framed her. The actual plan was mine and only she and Scarlett knew that. But our plan was exposed and information was leaked. Due to which we bear the loss, Scarlett was burned alive. What did you think if she didn’t expose us, then who did? Scarlett or I?” James Grayson said coldly, stood up, and turned his face away.

Bella observed that he was trying to adjust his mood.

“You want to report this thing to your seniors?” Based on women’s intuition, Bella thought what Rachel Ainsley said was true.

“There are no seniors involved in this mission. There are just three of us. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, that’s enough.” James Grayson refused and left the room.

Jeremy Hodges came over and reported, “Chief, as expected, I saw the tombs near the lake. As analyzed before, they all were buried together. But it’s strange that someone is worshiping them. Someone put apples, bananas, pears on the tomb, and they all are fresh. It seemed that a person must have come in this morning to worship.”

“It must be Gabriel Athens who killed Governor Trammell, he came here to pay respect to his people,” Bella said softly.