Chapter 108 Do you love Bella 2

“Well, James Grayson is chasing me now. I can’t waste any more time. When James Grayson finds you, remember to tell him that I was framed. I will find evidence to prove my innocence and will make him let me go.” The woman said, went out of the cellar and closed the door.

There was just darkness all around. Bella couldn’t even see her own hands.

“Hmm.” Bella tried to make a sound. She believed that James Grayson would find her.

As the woman climbed out of the cellar, she saw James Grayson coming towards the bedrooms. She tried to run away.

“Rachel Ainsley, come back with me.” James Grayson shouted.

Rachel Ainsley smiled and said sarcastically, “if I go back with you, I will die. Your current status is Chief of special forces, I will be accused of treason and will be totally destroyed.”

“Everyone should be responsible for their mistakes. I am no exception, and you are no exception.” James Grayson said in a cold voice. His voice was merciless.

“Are you willing to believe me?” Rachel Ainsley gritted her teeth and there were some inexplicable emotions in her eyes.

“I only believe what I see with my eyes and hear with my ears.” James Grayson said definitely.

“Really?” Rachel Ainsley chuckled, and blinked her wide eyes, “James Grayson, I want to ask you just one thing, do you only like Scarlett and never liked me?”

“Yes, I never gave you hope.” James Grayson said firmly.

“You told me before that you can’t love any other girl except Scarlett. Was that true?” Rachel Ainsley asked sharply. She threw Bella’s mobile phone to James Grayson.

James Grayson looked at Bella’s mobile phone. He got worried. “What did you do to Bella?”

“That girl is really very beautiful, clean, innocent, pure and gentle. She is quite similar to Scarlett. Do you like her?” Rachel Ainsley asked, and noticed James’s each and every changing expression.

Bella looked around at the darkness, though she couldn’t see anything but she was waiting for James’s answer. She has heard the conversations and got to know that James Grayson loved a girl named Scarlett very much.

There were many thoughts in Bella’s mind…

“James Grayson is five years older than me. He seemed twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. It is normal for him to have a past.

Just like my own self, I once really loved David Wilson.

But now, I am not in love with David and it’s not that James doesn’t love that gir, but the girl has died.

I shouldn’t care. After all, it’s a thing of his past.

My own past is even more dirty and unbearable.”

Only a perfect person can demand others to be perfect!

Bella knew that James Grayson had been indifferent to other women. She just wanted to know that at present, he only loves her. He wanted to hear it from his mouth.

“Rachel Ainsley, you have killed Scarlett. Why do you like to hurt the innocent?” James Grayson said fiercely and angrily glared at her.

Bella’s heart thumped…

Is he unwilling to admit it in front of others? Maybe, he was worried that the woman named Rachel Ainsley would hurt her, so he didn’t say it intentionally. I shouldn’t think about it.