Chapter 107 Do you love Bella 1

Bella didn’t want to lag behind. There was no one else. So she started searching for the living room alone. But she didn’t find anything.

She went back to the bedroom. Looked around, squatted down and looked under the bed. It was really dark under the bed, and she couldn’t see anything clearly. She took a flashlight and looked again.

She found that there was a floor under the bed.

She knocked on the floor and heard a hollow sound. There was a flash of excitement in Bella’s heart. There must be a tunnel. Maybe she will find any clues. She lifted the floor and found a staircase down, but she didn’t dare to go down alone.

She decided to wait for James Grayson to come back.

She was waiting for him and saw someone coming inside. And soon she saw a woman standing in front of her.

The woman twisted her eyebrows, looked at Bella, looked at the hole in the ground, and ordered, “Go in.”

Bella didn’t want to go in.

The woman took out her pistol. “I don’t want to hurt you, but if you don’t listen to me, do not blame me for the consequences.”

Bella took a look at the pistol. She had no choice but to go in.

The woman followed Bella, snatched Bella’s cell phone and put it into her pocket. She tied Bella to a wooden post and sealed her mouth with tape. Then she began to pack her things.

Bella saw that she put hundreds of thousands of cash in her backpack, several guns, and some simple clothes. She carried her backpack on her back and looked at Bella.

“From your clothes, your eyes and your personality, you does not look like a soldier.” The woman judged.

Bella looked at her quietly.

The woman raised her mouth and said, “I came here four years ago and met Gabriel Athens, the son of the village head, who is the only one who survived in Athens Village. Coincidentally, on the day of the accident, another young girl from another village came to meet her grandfather. Therefore, the persons who came to murder 108 people didn’t know that Gabriel Athens was still alive, they killed all 108 people.”


Bella was shocked, her eyebrows were tightened. But she couldn’t speak because her mouth was taped closed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything I know. The people in this village are very simple. One day, they dug a land and discovered thousands of gold bars.”

Thousands of gold bars?

James Grayson said it was one hundred?

“There is news that the Governor has 100 gold bars, but it is totally fake. He must have sent the rest to others. But I am sure he mustn’t have more than 200.” The woman said again.

Bella couldn’t believe her and stared at her.

The woman smiled and asked, “You must want to know, where the other gold bars are?”

Bella nodded.

“I also don’t know. When the villagers discovered gold bars, the head of village Gabriel Athens’s father went to meet Governor Trammell, who was the mayor of the city at that time. After getting the information Governor Trammell bought someone here.

I can definitely tell you that this big massacre is not something that only Governor Trammell can do.

There must be at least five persons if we say according to the division of gold. Moreover, some officials must have taken more than Governor Trammell.

By the way, there is also a treasure map with the gold. It has been said that these gold bars are only a small fraction of the treasure.” The woman explained everything completely.

Bella was shocked, but she thought it can be true.

Athens Village was surrounded by mountains, and the news can be blocked easily. For this much big treasure, people can do a lot.

“At first, Gabriel knew nothing about Athens Village. When Governor Trammell was exposed, he came to know that Governor Trammell is among those murderers.” The woman seemed hurt and sighed.

Bella saw pity in her eyes.

A person who has compassion for others won’t be too bad.