Chapter 104 A couple who stand together through thick and thin 2

After dinner, James Grayson and Bella went to nearby markets to buy some things, and they casually tried to find out some information.

The road of Hayden Town was in the worst state. It was almost broken and no one has mended it. Most markets were closed, the shops that were opened at this time were mostly on their night shifts. There were no streetlights in the town. From the condition of the town, one can imagine the condition of the village.

Bella saw a fruit store across the road. She walked quickly and accidentally stepped into a pit and was about to fall.

James Grayson immediately put his arm around her waist, pulled her into his arms, and asked anxiously, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, James, when the road here was repaired?” Bella asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll ask someone to check it.”

“Let’s ask the locals here.” Bella left James Grayson’s hand and went to the fruit stall.

James Grayson’s eyes dimmed slightly. He followed Bella to the fruit stand. Bella brought a lot of fruit from that stall. And talked to the fruit seller frankly, she asked casually, “Can you tell me when this road had been repaired for the last time?”

“Road? Almost ten years ago.” The fruit-seller replied.

But the road is seriously damaged now. If it weren’t for the tofu dregs project, I think, it must have been pressed by heavy trucks for a long time, right?” Bella peeled an orange, ate a piece, and handed it to James Grayson.

She gave a strange look to James.

James Grayson frowned slightly. He didn’t like to eat oranges very much because of their sour taste. But because it was Bella who gave it to him. He took it, and put it into his mouth, chewed it and swallowed it.

Although he just chewed it but his stomach became sour. He didn’t eat again and held the half orange in his hand. Bella looked at him again and raised the corner of her mouth slightly. He had an impulse to kiss her. She gave him this acid on purpose, but he stopped himself.

“There is a cement factory in the next town and they occasionally use this road to go out,” the fruit seller explained.

“Oh, that’s why. By the way, I have heard that the strange village of Athens is in your town?” Bella moved to the main point.

The fruit seller’s facial expressions immediately changed. “That place is haunted, many people disappeared from there overnight. It’s terrible.”

“There was news recently, that the residents were suffering from some disease and committed suicide. I have heard that the former mayor buried people, and someone sends him gold worth of tens of millions.” Bella said with a smile.

“That’s all is nonsense. Don’t believe it. Let me tell you something. The official says that all 108 residents have committed suicide and that place has been sealed. In fact…” the fruit seller looked all around carefully and said, “I have a friend from Athens Village. He is not dead at all. He is alive and lives well.”

Bella and James Grayson both looked at each other.

“Can you tell me your friend’s present address?” Bella asked.

The fruit seller looked at Bella and James Grayson defensively, “That’s not appropriate.”

James Grayson took out a thousand dollars from his wallet and handed it to the fruit seller. The fruit seller happily gave his friend’s address.

Bella, “…”

At night, Bella and James Grayson lay down on the bed but did not fall asleep. Bella was thinking about the whole case, over and over again. Suddenly, James Grayson covered her body.

“What’s the matter?” Bella asked softly.

“Want to do something?” James Grayson kissed her lips.

“Condom.” Bella stretched her hand to pick the small box from the bedside table.

James Grayson didn’t like to use it. He grabbed her hand and stopped her.