Chapter 103 A couple who stand together through thick and thin 1

Because of the sensitivity of the mission, James Grayson didn’t take any driver or security with him. He drove personally to the village. He just took one his one assistant named, Jeremy Hodges with him.

Athens Village was really very far.

Bella slept in the back seat.

Jeremy Hodges and James Grayson one by one drove the car. After 12 hours of driving, the car entered the mountain road but there was no way ahead. The navigation system of the car stopped working and mobile phones also lost signals.

James Grayson stopped his car. He got off the car and looked at the mountains around him.

“Didn’t they say that all the construction work was completed? Governor Trammell was doing fake municipal work?” James Grayson was very angry.

Jeremy Hodges lowered his head and didn’t speak.

Bella got off the car and walked to James Grayson’s side. She held his hand. “This is common. A year ago, our hospital organized a trip for physical examination of the people of such undeveloped areas. They said there was a road, but when we went there, there was no road and not even electricity.”

James Grayson listened to Bella’s soft voice, and his anger almost cooled down. He didn’t want to get angry in front of her.

“We are military, we can’t manage civil affairs.”

“We are human beings, not gods.” Bella smiled.

James Grayson’s eyes softened, and he said to Jeremy Hodges, “Athens Village belongs to Hayden Town. I think we should go to the town first and try to find a guide there. After that, we will come back.”

“Yes, sir.” Jeremy Hodges drove back to town.

“I have a suggestion. It’s already late. I think we should stay in the town for the night and investigate the people in the town. Maybe we can find some clues. What do you say?” Bella suggested.


They drove for half an hour and reached Hayden Town.

Bella and James Grayson rented a room with their fake ID cards. Jeremy Hodges rented a room by himself. After checking in, they ate in a small restaurant next to the hotel. The landlady there was kind and enthusiastic. She was smiling softly.

“Madame, I want to ask you about Athens Village,” Bella asked softly.

When the landlady heard the words Athens Village, her smile vanished. She looked around and said in a low voice, “Girl, you are a stranger. We don’t talk about this Athens Village casually.”

“Why?” Bella didn’t understand.

“Five years ago, 108 residents of Athens Village disappeared overnight. Since then, the place has been haunted. Some people have also seen ghosts wandering around at night. It’s horrible.” The landlady replied.

James Grayson cast an indifferent gaze at the landlady. He didn’t believe in ghosts.

“Do you know why they disappeared?” James Grayson asked in a low voice.

“There are rumors that the ghost ate them. We don’t dare to go to that place.” The landlady shivered, she didn’t want to talk about this matter. She turned around and went into the kitchen.

“Jeremy Hodges.” James Grayson called his name.

Jeremy Hodges came forward and listened to James attentively.

“Tomorrow, go to the town government and finds out how many people are there in Athens Village, and whether there are any people who went to some other cities to study or work.” James Grayson commanded.

“Yes, sir.”

“I think there’s a lot of haze of doubts, what do you think?” James Grayson looked at Bella.

“Yes, I think this is not true. The fear of ghosts is just psychological. I think there are still people in that village now and some people called them so-called ghosts. I think we should go there. But, I suggest, we should not hire a guide. We should use the map and go there secretly.” Bella put forward a piece of advice.

“Jeremy Hodges, you don’t have to go tomorrow. Go there secretly and try to find the population tonight, take the map, and don’t let anyone know.” James Grayson ordered again.