Chapter 102 I want to bind you with a child 2

Bella also knew he was right. She always did all this, because she didn’t trust him and has no confidence in herself.

“Let’s get back to the main point, what have you planned to do now?” Bella changed the subject.

James Grayson helplessly looked at her.

Why did she always try to run away?

“I have thought about it. But I still have some problems. After looking at the clues on the surface, I am sure that the person did this for revenge. But why he did this now? Governor Trammell was already facing a trial. It was obvious that he would be punished.”

“Maybe someone was afraid that Governor Trammell would tell their secret, so they tried to save him and these actions made that killer take action at this time.” Bella thought.

“Adam Wilson showed me the video of Governor Trammell’s confession during his trial. He confessed a strange incident as well.” James Grayson became serious.

“What kind of incident?” Bella asked.

“Have you heard about the case that 30 families including 108 residents disappeared overnight in Athens Village?” James Grayson asked.

“Yes, it happened five years ago, and that incident has created lots of chaos for many days but when the police couldn’t find anything wrong, they let it go.”

“Governor Trammell was the mayor of the city at the time, he said that the villagers committed suicide due to a strange illness. He thought it would cause social unrest, so he ordered to bury each one of them. But, mysteriously, someone sends a hundred pieces of gold to Governor Trammell. Each piece of gold weighs five hundred grams. At current market prices, that gold’s worth is $15.5 million.” James Grayson explained.

“Don’t you think it could be Governor Trammell’s excuse for embezzling 100 gold bars?” Bella asked.

“The source of these hundred gold bar cannot be found, because the incident was too weird, and the staff of the inspection bureau accidentally said it out and happened to be heard by reporters, the news become viral on the internet.”

“So you suspect that the killer has something to do with the Athens village’s incident.”

“Maybe, I will go to Athens Village tomorrow. Because the investigation is informal, it has to keep it more secret. So wait for me to come back.” James Grayson gently rubbed her face.

He saw that Bella did not refuse. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth and said, “We will marry when I will investigate it and catch the murderer.”


“My parents have agreed for it, they said if I could catch the murderer, they would not stop us from marrying.” James Grayson said in his soft voice way.

What he said was true.

Bella looked into his eyes and found sincerity. She was quite moved with his efforts, but she was on her guard.

“I want to go with you. I have my annual leave. If I can have one more day’s personal leave, I will have eight days.” Bella made up her mind.

He also didn’t want to leave her alone. There were chances that David Wilson will come again to pester. At least, he could protect her.

“I’ll talk to the hospital. We’ll go together.”

“Well, that will be best,” Bella answered.

He closed his eyes and kissed her on the lips. Bella closed her eyes and opened her mouth to let him in, and they got immersed again in their fantasy!

But this time she did not forget to take her medicine, she cannot let it happen as three years ago…