Chapter 101 I want to bind you with a child 1

Before Bella could think anything, she had been put on the bed by James. He looked down at her pink delicate face, raised the corners of the mouth, “Bella, thank you for coming to me.”

Bella’s heart became sour and astringent.

“James, there are some things on which I cannot compromise. For now, I have put my trust in you. But if someday you turned your back on me, I will never come to you again.” Bella said and her eyes turned red.

“Umm.” James Grayson lowered her head, kissed her lips, kissed her chin, kissed her neck and went down. His kisses were very gentle.

Bella gasped softly, her vision blurred and she was unable to focus.

He picked her up and put her on his lap. She looked at him with burning eyes. She could clearly see her reflection in his eyes, and his eyes were fixed on her and she felt he will melt her away.

Bella turned her face away in embarrassment.

James smiled…

He was happy to have her close to him. He kissed her on the lips as if without using words he said a lot to her.

There were some unexplained feelings, some ambiguous factors in the atmosphere and they were driving them away. In the end, Bella’s muscles were tightened, and James Grayson was breathing heavily. He left her and looked at her with his deep dark eyes, “Bella, I love you.”

Bella’s heart was touched. She wished this love would last a lifetime.

He lay down with her in his arms. They were looking at each other, breathing slowly and quietly.

He did not move, nor did she.

They just kept staring at each other for long.

“Can I help you in this recent matter?” Bella asked softly.

“I’ve been to the crime scene. The strangest thing is that the murderer didn’t use a professional gun. He used a modified, unmanned gun of very superior quality.”

“That means the other side is not a professional killer, but he has knowledge of weapons, maybe his own condition was not very good but someone has helped him. Isn’t there any camera in the procuratorate? From where he can get this gun and how the person managed to come in?” Bella puzzled.

“The video didn’t show his face. He wasn’t tall not fat, he was wearing a big coat. He sent a parcel.”The video didn’t show his face. He wasn’t tall not fat, he was wearing a big coat. There was a camera attached with that gun and he shot Governor Trammell very accurately.” James Grayson said.

“He sent smoke bombs, not bombs, to show that he didn’t want to hurt the innocent. He was only after Governor Trammell. Moreover, his investigation ability is very strong. Secondly, no cameras captured him, and it means that he must be very familiar with the procuratorate and have done good reconnaissance. In addition, there was wireless monitoring, which means the receiver should not be too far.” Bella analyzed the situation.

James Grayson looked at her, chuckled, and held her waist tightly, “Good analysis. I think my Bella is very smart. Now, don’t say it again that you don’t deserve me and the things you often say, I don’t think you don’t deserve me, understood?”

His voice was soft and charming but his last word was a bit loud.

Bella’s strong heart also felt his love and looked at him, “The world is not short of smart people. It is short of loyal people.”

“I think you should give me a child.” James Grayson said lightly, but his eyes were sincere.

Bella’s eyes dimmed as if got filled with a mist. “I don’t want to bind you with a child.”

“But I want to tie you with a child.” James Grayson said in reply.

Bella’s eyes were fixed on James Grayson.

“You always break up with me. Often, you start feeling that you don’t deserve and then think of a breakup. Your reasons have always been strange. How can you think you are not worthy of me? You always make me worried.” James Grayson said, bowed his head and kissed her lips.