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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 10 The piggish eater

After standing back, she noticed Ryan was looking at her. Jessica smiled embarrassingly, “Well, I didn’t have lunch, so I just…”

She shrank the head, which looked embarrassed. Ryan couldn’t help laughing.

He was afraid of being seen laughing, so he forced himself to cough. And then he turned around and said to the chief editor, “I’ll treat you tonight. Please inform all colleagues that we will have the dinner together by then.”

The chief editor smiled, “No problem. Mr. Howard, let’s go up to talk. This way, please.”

Soon, the chief editor led Ryan and others into the elevator.

“Miss Jessica, you are amazing!” Clara thumbed up to Jessica and suppressed a laugh. “The new boss was scared by you, so we will have a good meal in the evening. How do you feel?”

Jessica glared at her, “Enough, don’t laugh!”

The takeout was delivered in a wrong time when Ryan just arrived. She was also very embarrassed.

Jessica didn’t intend to go to the dinner tonight. She wanted to find an excuse to go home, so as to avoid getting embarrassed when she met Ryan. However, when she knew they would have the dinner in “South Town” restaurant, She changed her mind.

She just couldn’t help it, because she quite liked the food of South Town.

In addition to a few private rooms of South Town in the second floor, nearly the whole banquet hall was booked by the people of Big Chance. Tables were piled with mouthwatering dishes, and the atmosphere was very lively.

“Come on, let’s propose a toast to Mr. Howard!”

The chief editor smiled and stood up first from his seat, holding up a glass of white wine. People at other tables stood up, too.

Ryan slowly stood up. He was tall, which made him conspicuous in the crowd. He chose a glass of juice to toast to everyone, “Sorry, I have an upset stomach recently. I have to replace wine with juice.”

When Jessica who was in the crowd heard that, she felt a shiver down her spine inexplicably. She poured out the wine and replaced it with water.

Clara said, “Jessie, you can’t drink a glass of wine?”

“My stomach is upset.” Jessica smiled embarrassingly. She didn’t forget what Ryan said this morning. If she drank the glass of wine, she was done for.


After the toast, Jessica immersed herself in eating. Her hands were full of oil because of peeling crayfish, but she was still happy. She would like to put all the crayfish in the plate into her bowl.

Ryan was several tables away from her. He kept his eyes on her all the time from a distance and couldn’t help laughing.

There was no shortage of food at home. Did she really need to eat like this?

Beckoning the secretary over, Ryan ordered, “Three extra portions of crayfish and two jugs of juice for each table.”

“Yes, Mr. Howard.” The secretary immediately went out to tell the restaurant manager.

After adding the extra portions of crayfish, Jessica finally felt satisfied by eating them. Clara was very contemptuous of her, “Are you the reincarnation of the hungry? Are you afraid of suffering from diarrhoea by eating so many crayfishes?”

Jessica stuck her tongue out. “I can’t help it. The crayfish of this restaurant is the most famous.”

“You’ve got me”

It was likely that Jessica ate too much crayfish. She had diarrhea and went to the toilet twice in the evening. She couldn’t wake up in the morning, but she was pulled up from the bed by Clara forcibly. She still yawned again and again after she arrived at the company.

“Eating so many crayfishes, so you deserved it!” Clara passed her a cup of americano.

Jessica took it happily, “You are always the best!”

Clara pushed her arm with her elbow and asked, “Well, I haven’t seen you make phone calls with Alex these days. What’s wrong with you? Are you going to break up?”

“I don’t know. He’s probably too busy filming.” Jessica said and she was sad.

In that evening, she called Alex a dozen times, but after so many days, he didn’t return her call, let alone a message.

“I’m sure he has another girlfriend.” Clara said, “Jessie, let me tell you. Alex looks like a snob. You’d better break up with him quickly.”


“Look, you wrote news about him and helped him attract fans, but he concealed the fact that you are his girlfriend from others.”


Clara gave her a hard pat and said angrily, “Say something please!”

“He’s not that kind of person.” Jessica rubbed the brows, and said helplessly. “Concealing our relationship is the requirement of his company. I don’t like to expose so early, either.”