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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 10 New pets

As if after a century, Rex finally ends his torment.

Lily can’t help retching, and tears burst into tears, which are full of her pale and helpless face. She paralyzes on the bed, and her body slightly trembles, a white face without blood color, but two blushes rise on her cheek, which is even more magnificent.

Her lips are almost numb and her cheeks are sore on both sides, so he didn’t be softhearted just now.

Rex looks at the woman lying on the bed. Her pink lips are red and swollen, her hair is messy, and her innocent yet helpless expression is sexy that he can’t see in other women.

He hooks her chin, lifts the hair stuck on her face, and says strongly and exclusively. “Lily, since you’ve been with you, you can’t care about other men, either your ex-husband or others, I won’t allow it.”

His things only belong to him.

Lily can’t speak. She is still frightened by what happened just now. If she was a little afraid of Rex before, now she is even afraid very much.

She just understands a truth. In front of Rex, she can never mention, remember or recall any man.

Just now, it was his punishment for her. He took her completely as a tool to express his desire and did not care about her feelings at all.

Lily slowly closes her eyes, and some fragments flashes into her heart, which is too humiliating.

Rex sees that she seems to have lost her sense. His good-looking eyebrows are screwed up, and he holds her cheeks, “Speak!”

Lily compromises, “I see.”


This night, Lily completely turns her back to the man beside her. At first, she does not dare to sleep; for fear that he would pounce on her uncontrollably again. After several times of unhappiness, she has a little psychological shadow over this matter.

But in the latter half of the night, she has a headache and sleeps in a daze.

The next morning, Rex’s biological clock is always accurate. At 6:30, he wakes up on time. What he sees is the delicate back under the quilt

The man is stunned, as if remembering why there is a woman in his bed, but soon he remembers.

Still awake?

He has the habit of morning exercise, and he also wants Lily together, reaching out to push the little woman on the side, “Get up.”

Seeing that she doesn’t respond, Rex pushes her twice harder. “Lily, get up for morning exercise.”

The latter is still sleeping and breathing heavily

Rex’s hand is about to fall, and then he turns to look at her forehead. When he touches it, the palm of her forehead is burned.

This temperature is, at least 39 degrees.

Rex frowns again, and immediately turns her body over, what he sees is the small red face of the woman

“Damn it!” Secretly scolds, he gets out of bed and takes the medicine box. He finds the antipyretic paste on her forehead. He prepares the antipyretic medicine, puts it on the head of the bed and shouts to her, “Get up and take the medicine.”

Lily sleeps so heavily, and is upset by being disturbed. So she has a heavy nasal sound, and her voice mumbles, “Go away…”

“I’ll go after you take the medicine.” Rex persuades her patiently.

“I don’t want to drink.”

“You have to drink that, too.” Rex has not taken care of a patient. He grabs his hair impatiently. “Lily, I have limited patience.”

If at ordinary time, Lily is willing to take it, but now she is dizzy with high fever. She doesn’t know how to be afraid. When her temper comes up, she waves her hand casually, “I won’t drink it!”

Rex is out of patience, sneers and nods, “Then don’t drink.”

After that, he turns directly out of the bedroom, leaving cup of antipyretic, and the little woman curled up in the bed.

Fifteen minutes later, the door opens again. Rex comes in with a man in a white coat. He has a beautiful face and a very white skin. He is only a little shorter than Rex, which makes people feel comfortable and delighted.

The man’s name is Karl, one of Rex’s best brothers. He runs a private hospital and secretly develops new drugs and medical devices, which can be regarded as an invisible rich man.

“Just a little fever and you’ll call me all the way.” Karl looks at the woman in bed and teases.

“Less nonsense, go and have a look.” Rex’s face remains unchanged and goes to the bedside.

Karl measures Lily’s temperature. It is thirty-nine degrees eight, and the fever is not low. He immediately prepares medicine and hangs salt water for her. After everything is done, he sweeps the medicine on the head of the bed and couldn’t help teasing. “It’s rare that you have time to take care of people?”

Rex glares at Karl, “If you have nothing to do, just go out.”

“Don’t, you kick me away after using me. It’s too heartless.” Karl says looking at Lily, “Who, is worth your patience?”

Rex sees he is wondering what happened, suddenly says, “Want to know?”


“My new pet.”

“…” Karl chokes for a while, and when he notices Rex’s dark eyes, he seems to understand something. He says, “your little pet seems good. How about keeping it in my home after you get tired of it?”

After hearing this sentence, Rex’s face sinks. His whole body is like the cold wind from Siberia, which makes people shudder.

Karl hurriedly explains, “It is you said she is your pet. Since it’s a pet, it’s no difference who keeps it…”

He deliberately teases him. Rex can hear it, but he could not help frowning when thinking this possibility. “I remember you still have a lawsuit in the hospital last month…”

“I’m wrong!” Karl immediately admits, “People say that pets only recognize one owner in their lifetime. If I want to keep them, your little pet is not willing.”

Rex gives him a cold snort and looks at the door. “You can roll away.”

Karl says, “Yes.”

The joke is still a joke. When he leaves, Rex sends the man to the gate of the villa. Karl wears a white coat, holds the medicine box on his hand, and lowers the voice line. “I recently asked the people in the research room to develop a new medicine with a new ingredient. When we did clinical work, the effect was very good…”

Rex lights a cigarette and holds it in his mouth. “I don’t need it.”

Karl says, “Listen to me, this drug is absolutely safe, absolutely no side effects, high cost, so it can’t be put into normal production, and can’t be bought on the market!”

Rex laughs and plays the ash. “Karl, I find you are very harmful.”

“I’m not for you? You’re only thirty-two years old. Do you want to be a monk forever? Even if you like, your body can’t bear it… ”

“Karl.” The man raises his eyes to see the direction of the second floor. The light of his eyes is sometimes clear yet sometimes out, “I seem to be fine.”