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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 1 Our relationship

Vanessa just washed the dishes. When she went to the living room to take paper to wipe the water on the hand, she received a call from her best friend.

“Vanessa, I’m going home! I finally won my divorce case!” Angie’s voice was cheerful.

Vanessa was so surprised that she did not know how to respond to her for a long time.

Angie’s voice continued to come from the cellphone, “Vanessa, you are right. Everyone have the right to pursue happiness. I love William, and I should not miss him!”

“Well.” replied Vanessa, and she unexpectedly found herself sound a little dry.

“I will deal with the things here as soon as possible and go back in a week at most. See you then, Vanessa!” Angie hanged up the phone soon. Vanessa stood there with the phone and the beep sound has been ringing in her ears.

A slender figure from the bedroom came out, saw Vanessa with a mobile phone standing there, and asked, “What is wrong?”

Vanessa looked over her shoulder.

William must have just taken a bath. He was wearing a dark blue robe, wiping his wet hair with a towel.

“Nothing.” Vanessa put the phone into the bag, casually said, “Angie said she was coming back.”

When bending over to put down the phone, Vanessa peeked at William, who was still wiping his hair, but his movement was slow down a bit because of her words, and the rigid face was as cold as always.

“Well.” This matter seemed to have little effect on William, “Go to take a bath.”

“Ok.” Vanessa’s nose became sore.

After tidying up the living room, Vanessa went back to her room and took her pajamas to the bathroom. Holding her knees in the bathtub, she remained in a daze for nearly an hour.

When she went out, the light in the bedroom had been turned off, leaving only a small lamp on the nightstand, warm and yellow.

William did not rest all day because of two big cases. After the trial, he had time to come back. He went to bed very early these days.

Vanessa walked gently there, lifted the quilt and slipped in. When her body just touched the bed, a big hand stretched over, took her thin body into the arms, in lazy obviously sleepy voice, William said, “Sleep.”

Vanessa did not say anything, cuddling up in his arms.

After a while, there was a rhythmic breathing sound above her head. She moved her head out and raised it little by little, and looked from William’s chin to the bridge of his nose and then to his handsome face.

With her fingers, she traced the shape of the man’s lips before her.

Four years, she kept him for four years, accompanied him for four years, and slept with him for four years.

Their relationship is not boyfriend or girlfriend, but more like friends with benefits.

William has never publicly acknowledged their relationship, and she also fears it will be exposed.

After all, William is Angie’s ex-boyfriend…

With the return of Angie, will all this completely come to an end?

She is anxious and uneasy.

The next morning, she got up early to prepare breakfast, called William to get up, began to pack their own things in the apartment, clothes, cosmetics, towel toothbrush, even to clean off the hair.

After waiting for Vanessa to pull the suitcase out, William is obviously some displeasure, frowning to look at her, “What is wrong, it seems that you want to move from my house?”

“No…” Vanessa kept things to the trunk, tried to put the sound of some natural.

“You also know now is the busy season, and our shop is in the prime location. Sometimes we do the promotion and it is very busy, so it is not convenient to be back every day. I will live there for a period of time, when the things are finished, I will come back soon. It will be just for a short time.