Chapter 1 I’m looking forward for your unhappy life

“Your husband and I are in room 1108 of the Hilton Hotel. Doing what we like the most. Bella, why don’t you take a divorce from him? You are so cheap. You can’t keep his body or his heart. ”

Bella stood at the door of Room 1108 and looked at the text messages on her mobile phone indifferently. Her long eyelashes hide the darkness of her eyes and there were no expressions on her face.

The door opened.

David Wilson came out with a beautiful assistant in his arms.

When he saw Bella standing, he frowned and tilted the corners of his mouth to smirk an evil smile, “You came again to catch me red-handed? Why don’t you go in? It’s hot outside. Aren’t you tired of standing?”

Bella looked at him indifferently. “I’m afraid that I have disturbed your pleasure. I’m guilty. However, tell me about your health? Are you well? ”

David Wilson listened to her taunt, his eyes reflect gloomy countenance, “Bella, you are the one that unclean from the beginning; still, you dare to taunt me.”

Bella smiled. But her smile couldn’t stop her tears.

Three years ago, his ex-girlfriend kidnapped her. When she tried to escape, she lost her virginity by a strange man who had a mask on his face. She watched his car stopped not far from her. He and that woman, who had kidnapped her, had sex in the car. She watched the car shake and she felt her heart pierced by a knife. Even the pain of every second she felt cannot be compared. She tills now found it difficult to overcome that incident. Whenever she thinks about it, her heartfelt tangled.

“If you don’t understand it, I’m sorry. I have used to say these kinds of enigmatic and taunting words.” Bella raised her chin lazily.

David Wilson’s eyes burn out “Why the hell you came here?” Don’t tell me you do all this intentionally to spoil my mood.”

“Maybe you are right. Your conjectures are always accurate.” Bella raised an indifferent smile.

“Get out of here.” David Wilson said rudely.

Bella took out a document from the bag and handed it to David Wilson. David Wilson did not hold it and asked cautiously, “What is this?”

“She,” Bella looked at David’s assistant.

“What’s to do with me?” The assistant grabbed David’s arm.

She had already heard and knew that Bella is his wife but she didn’t get any favor from him. Today she realized that David Wilson extremely hate her. So now there left nothing to fear.

Bella raised the documents in her hand and said to the assistant, “You are a famous whore of this city. Eighty percent of the wealthy businessmen in this city have slept with you. One of them was found to have AIDS last month.”

The assistant got shocked and her skin turned pale.

Bella looked at David Wilson. “Do you use a condom? If not, I know a doctor. Would you like to have a checkup?”

David Wilson took the document from Bella’s hand and squinted, burst out a fierce light and threw it on Bella’s face. “You always make people feel unhappy.”

Bella stood upright.

David Wilson bluntly throws paper on her face. It was more painful than imagination.

She sneered. “You know, I’m looking forward to seeing you spending the rest of your life unhappily.”

“Then I have to do something more disgusting with you so to make myself happier. Today, I will not come back home, don’t wait for me.” David Wilson said angrily.

He turned and walked towards the elevator. Bella stood indifferently with no expression on her face. “Don’t wait for me.” She knows what it means. Tonight, he’ll spend the night with other women, touch and feel other women. He hasn’t touched her since that incident. In his eyes, she is no more than a dirty filth.

The mist gradually diffused into her cold eyes. She didn’t say, nor cry, but that didn’t mean that she felt no pain.

David’s assistant slapped at her face. Bella invincibly stepped back and leaned against the wall.

“You are so despicable, you have exposed me. You think you can get back his heart this way?” The assistant clenched her fist.

“That unworthy man’s heart, I don’t want it at all.” Bella slapped the assistant in the face with his backhand. “I’m not the one whom a woman like you can bully.”

“Then why don’t you take divorce from him?” The assistant roared.

“You don’t have any right to know this. You just worry about yourself. Soon your truth will be exposed on the Internet.” Bella said and walked out of the hotel.

The night was deep. She walked on the road. The moonlight lengthened her figure. She was feeling alone and empty. Going back home will only make her heart more uncomfortable. So she went to the hospital to her office to take some rest.

As she arrived at the office and turned on the light, an officer in the dignified officer in green uniform came and asked anxiously, “Are you an on-duty gynecologist?”

Bella overcame her nervousness and asked. “What’s wrong? What can I do for you?”

“There is a pregnant woman in the vicinity who has been held as hostage. Now her amniotic fluid has broken. The situation is very critical and needs immediate emergency treatment. Please come with me.” The officer said in a hurry.

Rupturing of amniotic fluid is very dangerous for both woman and fetus.

Bella had no time to think about it. “Let me pick up the first aid kit and some necessary things. Give me five minutes.”

She followed the soldiers to the garden community near the hospital. On the corridor, there were more than a dozen soldiers. All were standing appropriately which shows they are well-trained and are waiting for instructions from their superiors.

Bella was led into room 801 that was opposite the crime room 802.

At a glance, she saw the man in command. He has a firm face and fierce eyes. He and sharp facial features look like a perfect piece of art. Heroic, cool like a man of heaven. What made her curious was that among those who listened attentively, there was a colonel, who have three stars on his shoulders.

Is he a general?

The man’s sharp eyes swept over her and it was killing and deep.

Bella got frightened and bowed her head. He came straight to her, and the dark shadow of his tall figure covered her, forming a tendency of oppression.

She remembered that strange man of that night, who had such a strong physique. Her struggle for resistance was useless.

“Raise your head.” James Grayson ordered.

His eagle-like keen eyes gazed at her beautiful face, tight lips, not angry nor arrogant. He has ordered Bella to look up at him. His cold face and sharp eyes can make anyone frightened. It is the first time she saw such a man, even if he didn’t ask he still people couldn’t resist looking at him.

“I’m a doctor, not a criminal.” Bella said.

James Grayson flickered a sharp light from his eyes and ordered, “Ask her to leave and appoint someone else.”

Bella wondered, “Why can’t I?”

“There are three drug dealers inside. They kill people without blinking their eyes. Do you dare to go in?” James Grayson asked her.

“Why not?” Bella replied.

James Grayson looked coldly, grasped her chin and approached near her. “Think again and answer me. It’s not a play nor a practice.”

His breath fell on her lips, she felt a little awkward. Bella is a stubborn person. The more people look down on her, the more she wants to prove them wrong.

“If I was afraid of death why should I came here?” She looked at James Grayson fearlessly and replied directly that she is not afraid.

James Grayson raised his eyebrows and looked at her profoundly. His eyes were so dark that she could clearly see her reflection in his eyes…