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In New Zealand, since Marina learns that her condition is stable, she has become more active in the treatment than before. The final result requites a full body examination, which is the most painful thing for her. Her physical access to various instrument is a torment for her, however this time, she feels painful yet excited.

The result of final inspection doesn't disappoint her. Her condition is very good, which means that she doesn't need to be in this small room anymore, only a medication is enough to control it.

George hands the result to her and looks at the woman in tears. He then pats her shoulder comfortably, "Marina, congratulations."

With his limit Chinese words, he calls her with her Chinese name. Although the pronunciation is still lame, still it gives people a pleasant feeling.

In recent years, except for Rex, no one has called her Chinese name like that for a long time.

"Thank you, George. I've waited this day for so long..."

Finally, she can go back and stays with Rex, she will fight for things that belonged to her!

Marina couldn't even wait to choose a suitable time. After getting the result, she asks the man sent by Rex to book her a nearest flight.

It is already late at night when she arrives. She is wearing a long back coat with a red sweater in it, as though celebrating her arrival since so many years.

She wears a black wool benny, blocking half of her face from lips to chin. She stands outside the airport in the middle of winter, very eye-catching.

This time, she barely takes one suitcase, which is not filled with clothes or jewelry. It is the birthday gift that Rex has sent over the past years, as well as things that her parents left before.

For her, five years in New Zealand is too hard to kill time. Everything about it make her uncomfortable, thus she takes nothing and leave everything there. As long as she is back here, she doesn't plan to go back.

Outside the airport, the assistant reminds her to walk to the high class black Bentely, "Ms. Marina, please."

Marina takes a deep breath and walks to the car. Maxx gets out of the car and helps her to pull the door open. The compartment is clean. There are no wrinkles on the seat.

She stays still, her eyes dropping, the person feels kind of loss.

He doesn't come after all.

Maxx barely wears a thin suit and feels a little cold, but still patiently gesture her to the car with his hand, "Ms. Marina, it's cold, please get in."

Rex has told him that Marina hasn't fully recovered yet. She must not catch any cold or have any other accidents.

Marina then steps inside the car. She sits in the back seat. Once the door is closed, she looks at the various crowds on the street through the window. It is no longer blond-colored, but black hair and pupil.

Five years, it has been five years since the last time she was here.

Marina closes her eyes tightly, blocking the warmth that comes under her eyes.

What can you do in five years?

It is enough for Rex to become top from nothing, and also makes her change from a medical doctor into a withered patient.

Five years, 2628000 minutes, long yet temporary, one-sixteenth of her life. When she left, she is twenty-five years old. When she returns, she is thirty years old, which is the golden age of her life.

Marina can't blame others, who told her to be sick. She has blamed God for being unfair countless times, but it is useless.

She is the one chosen by fate, and can only bear it.

As for Rex, he is the source of her perseverance and everything she has now.

The car drives all the way to the North Villa. It is also quite all the way. Afraid of an accident, Maxx doesn't raise the sound insulation board and observes the woman's condition from time to time.

After two glance, he can see the sadness in her eyes.

This gaze is like him in the past, which has nothing at all. Maxx couldn't help but makes an explanation, "Rex is waiting for you in the Villa. There are many things needed to be arranged. He is worried about it, so he personally looks at it and doesn't pick you up."

He thinks Marina minds that Rex doesn't come to pick her up.

As everyone knows, in Marina's heart, is this the only things she is worried about?

But after listening to it, she feels a little comfortable. Her mouth forms a weak smile, "I'm back in such hurry. He must have worried a lot."

Maxx sees her smile, which make him stuns, as if being electrocuted, then quickly moves his vision away, his hand on the string wheel tightens unconsciously, "Rex care about you very much."

Marina nods, "Yeah, we're sweethearts, we've the best relationship."

After an hour and half of a road trip, the car stops in front of the Villa. Marina doesn't even wait for Maxx to open the door and directly walks out by herself.

Yesterday, J city has snowed. Thus, there is still a layer of snow on the ground that hasn't melted away. However, Marina looks like she couldn't feel it, only looking at the tall man who is standing at the door with a dazzling look.

He is talking to the assistant next to him. Both of his hands are tucked inside the pocket of his coat. The hair on his forehead is also blown by the night wind, only his eyes are colder than the wind.

Suddenly, he notices her and stuns for a moment. However, soon, he walks over.

His legs are long and his steps are big and steady. It only takes a few steps for him to reach her.

Rex looks down at the delicate woman in front of her eyes. A bright red burst into his eyes. She combs her short hair and wears an exquisite benny. Her palm-sized face is thin until he could see some protrusions, her cheekbones, pale lips with trace of light pink lipstick, but it made her look better.

Rex observes her and the scenery behind her. For a moment, he still hardly accepts it. After five years, she appears again. There is a sense of disobedience rise in his heart.

"Rex, I'm back." Marina says with a smile and immediately being emotional. This sentence appears in her dream for countless times. In her fantasy, she finally has the opportunity to see him face to face. Nobody knows how long she has waited.

Rex raises his hand to pin her hair, which is blown by the wind and tucks it behind her ears. By touching her cool skin, his heart is sour, "Glad to hear it."

After it, he is about to put his hand down, but is suddenly caught by her. His gaze fall into the woman's eyes, "I'm here to be with you, I won't leave anymore, just like back then, being together every day, okay?"

The five fingers that are clasped in the palm of woman, wondering is it because of the blowing wind, stiffen and couldn't move. The deep dark eyes are also confused in the dark.

Marina knows Rex well. In his silence, the flame inside her also gradually cools down. The smile on her face suddenly disappears, "Rex?

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