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Why is she here?

Lily's vision is fixed to the people on the screen. After a while, the sound of the interrogation man rings, the tone is very fierce, "Say it, what is going on that night! Give me a clear explanation!"

Inside it, Jade is pushed by a man and almost falls to the ground. She is terrified, and then whimpers while saying, "That, That night, I met Rex at the club, it's just after a thought, I decide to take this chance to make something happen. When Rex left for a smoke, I put some drug into his glass.... But I swear! I absolutely don't do anything else. I just took two pictures and sent it to Lily. After receiving a phone call, I intentionally provoke her, but I did nothing else!"

Jade is trapped in a terrible mood, her tone of speech is unstable, and she could feel her fear just by looking at the screen.

In particular, the men looks extremely ruthless, she is surrounded by them in a small room with a dim light. Just standing like that will exude a terrifying breath.

"Why did you do it!" The man forces to question her again.

Jade is also gradually desperate under this kind of condition. She half-crouches on the muddy ground and cries to explain, "I just wanted to make Lily misunderstand, and doesn't intended to do anything else. I just don't want her to get everything easily!"

Lily listens and her body unconsciously leans closer to Rex. The man stretches out his hand to hug her in the shoulders, his voice is very cold, "Keep going, you know what to do."

"Okay, Rex."

One of the strong men replies and drags Jade directly from the ground to the door. The door closes in the end and disappeared from the screen.

A few seconds later, a tearful sound of the angry woman is heard from outside of the door, which gives Lily a goosebumps by hearing it. She then looks at the man on the side uneasily, "What happened to Jade?"

"Relax, she won't be killed." Rex stays calm as usual, as if he doesn't see nor heard anything.

This is how he treats things that he hates, he doesn't spare any sympathy. Especially after what Jade did, he wishes he could torture her to death.

Lily only feels a little shocked. Although she hates Jade, all of this is still out of her imagination.

She won't be killed.

This is already the bottom of everything. Will she be deformed or will she be......

Lily dare not to thinking about everything that flashes in her mind. She clenches Rex's hand tightly and hears Jade shouting, "Rex, don't be like this."

The man bows his head to look at the woman's tremble pupil, and pats her back gently for soothing her, "It's okay, if you're afraid, I'll shut it."

With that, the other hand of him wants to disconnect it.

Lily blocks his movement and shakes her head seriously, "Don't do this. If Jade does something wrong, she can be punished through normal way. I don't you to be like this just because of it."

Rex laughs, "I don't care."

For her, he can ignore everything.

Seeing that he insist on doing it, Lily increases the strength on her hand, her tone become serious, "But I care."

Without waiting for him to speak, she adds in, "You're a lawyer, your hand, your head is used to help and save other, not to do these kind of things. I don't want you to be dirty just because of Jade."

For her, Rex doing such a thing is already an insult.

Little did Rex expect that she'll say that. He thinks that she'll ask him to stop, because of her fearing it, because of the picture in front of her might irritate her, but he doesn't think that she'll think of him.

Such a words fall into his ears, which makes him a little stunned.

Being a lawyer for so many years, from obscurity to today's achievement, he had met various kinds of people, those who wanted to take advantage of him, those who want to use him as a winning weapon, but no one has ever told him to help other or save other.

He is a lawyer, a nationally renowned lawyer. Either business man or officials admire him, owing to the fact that they are afraid of being 'torture'. As for the people that really respect him, there are only few of them.

Now that she said it, how can he not be touched?

Seeing that he stays silent, Lily shakes his arm, "Don't be like this, okay?"

Rex recovers and looks at the pureness in her eyes, finally compromised, "Okay."

He turns to look at the screen, "Let her go, gives the footage and evidence to the police, don't forget to take care of it."

Even if Jade is released, he doesn't plan to let it go easily. Except for this one, he still has countless of ways to make her struggle to live.

The monitor is turned off by him, which make Lily relieved. Now, he just find out that there is a lot of cold sweat on her back.

Rex reaches out and takes her into his arm, letting her sits on his tights, his calm tone is unbelievable, "What are you afraid of?"

Lily smashes him with her elbow, "What are you afraid of? Don't do this kind of thing in the future. I know it's for my sake, but I don't need you to do it."

What she said is very straightforward for him to see her rejection and resistance.

Rex knows how straight she is, which makes him loves her more and nods obediently, "Okay, I'll listen to you next time."

The two spend some more time in the study room. After the atmosphere is at ease, the woman in his arm relaxes a little and Rex says again, "I have a meeting tomorrow, you come back by yourself, okay?'

Lily knows that he is busy at work. Although she feels a little disappointed, she says nothing and just persuades him in a concern tone, "Remember don't drink too much wine, and also don't smoke. The doctor said you need to wait for another month."

"I'll try my best."

The ambiguous answer makes Lily straighten up, "No, your body is not a joke, you need to pay more attention....."

"I know." The man smiles and clasps her hand into his palm, "I know myself."

Lily groans improperly, "If you know it, you won't be sick."

By listening to her soft nagging, Rex's heart becomes softer. He leans over to kiss her pouting lips. The next second, his chest is resisted by a pair of small hand. But regardless of it, he continues to give a sweet yet fierce kiss.

His thin lips slips all the way down to her tender neck, his big palm plays in her thin pajamas. It is a smooth fabric like her skin, the fairness and tender skin is messed by his fingertips.

At first, Lily still has strength to refuse. But at the end, she doesn't have any strength anymore. The originally resistance hand on his chest are also tightened on the cloth of his chest.

Rex is a man with a strong desire, but he plays it right. Only when facing Lily, he is out of control, which Lily aware of it. Thus, she will cooperate to most of his desire.

In the middle of it, their clothes are no longer on them and have been thrown nowhere. The man's long yet strong arm crosses her crotch and hugs her to the table.

The cold wood touches her skin, but the man in front of her is so fierce. The cold yet hot sense torments her, giving her two senses at once.

Lily couldn't resist his fierceness and eventually turns soft under him.

The study room is not a bedroom. There is no time to prepare in advance, thus she reminds him in her last sense, "You, put on that thing......"

The man's forehead is covered in a thin layer of sweat, he could hardly endured it, "There is none here."

After he speaks, he breaks in directly.

Lily is caught off guard and whispers while biting her lips, she could hardly speaks, "No, I'm still on my menstrual cycle...."

"It's okay." He doesn't care and gently tortures her, "Just give me the baby and I'll raise it."

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