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Rex returns to the office and immediately dials back the missed call. The phone only rings once before being picked up. The woman's delicate voice comes from the microphone, "Rex, did I disturb your work?"

Rex loosens his tie with one hand and sits on the sofa lazily, "I was in a meeting just now, what's up?"

On the other end of the phone, Marina listens to the man's voice, her fingers that is holding the phone slightly tightens, "Nothing, it's just Dr. George told me that I'm in a good condition, he also said that I can return home, so I want to ask you."

Marina is a very smart woman. She understands Rex, and also knows this man's weakness. Thus, she knows exactly when and how to speak with him.

At this moment, she has a hint of begging, because she knows that Rex will be unbearable because of her parents.

"George said that your body is recovering well. If everything is normal, we can get the result the day after tomorrow." Speaking of which, he pauses for a few seconds then adds in, "if everything is fine, I'll arrange you to come back."

Although Marina is confident before making this call, after she heard Rex say it personally, the hanging stone in her heart finally landed.

She stares at the news in her hand for some time. It is Rex and Lily on the screen. The woman is pushed to the ground, the man is on a protecting gesture, yet the article has confirmed Lily's identity.

As looking at it, Marina becomes a little out of control. Before her emotions collapsed, she forces herself to look away, "Great, I'll cooperate to George, so I can go back earlier to stay with you....."

Rex listens and says nothing, instead, he changes the topic, "I'm arranging a place for you to stay. You can rest and recuperate, don't worry too much."

With this word, he is also a bit selfish, afraid that Marina will learn about Lily's existence, thus he hopes that she'll obey the arrangement and doesn't pay attention to anything else.

However, when this sentence fall into Marina's ears, she feels that Rex is caring about her, which make her tone become sullen, "Rex, thank you. If my parents are still here, they'll really happy to see this."

Mentioning her parents, Rex only feels that his shoulders become heavier. Hence, he responses lightly, "Yes, they will."

He glances at the watch on the wall and raises his hand to pinch his eyebrows, casually making excuses, "I still have a meeting, talk to you later."

Marina lowers her eyelids and disappointed. She feels that Rex has changed a lot. By calling her, there is no other thing to say besides business, and after it, he will immediately hangs up, as if her call is quite annoying.

Even though there is a reproach in her heart, Marina doesn't shows it and only says, "Okay, take care of your business, I'm fine, don't forget to take a rest."

"You too, bye."

After hanging up the phone, he throws the phone on the desk. With a bang, the cup shakes.

He leans his head against the back of the sofa behind him to rest for a moment. After it, he has no choice but to dial his subordinate, "Send someone to clean the house in the north tomorrow."

"Okay." The man's voice is a little dry yet very capable, "Do you need any other installment?"

"No, I'll take care of the rest."


After everything is arranged, Rex' body on the sofa seems very heavy. Marina returning to the country is not a small deal, it gives a breathless press on his chest.

Those things he is most afraid of being discovered, the most afraid of being known by Lily, all of it are approaching in his life little by little. The most desperate things are not these, but he couldn't stop it besides watching it.

In other words, no one will be able to accommodate him, but this person is the daughter of his life-saving benefactor, it is Marina.

He has ten thousand words to refuse, but he couldn't say it.

It is what he owes to her family, and also Marina, it is his responsibility to take care of her for life.


It is already half past six in the evening when he returns to the Villa. As soon as he walks in, a scene of an appetizing scent of rice is smelled.

Rex changes his shoes and walks to the kitchen. The woman is wearing an apron and stands in front of the kitchen counter. When she sees him, she turns her head and looks at him sweetly, "You'd come back, wait for a moment!"

The warm yellow light fall on her, people who see it will also dissipate a chill. Rex walks over and embraces the woman's thin waist from behind. His sexy chin rested on her shoulder, and kisses her on the cheek.

The man's thin breath lands on her neck, which makes her feels tickle, "Stop messing....."

"Do you miss me?"

Lily who still has a spatula in her hand, blushes by his question and answers in a low voice, "Yes...."

After getting a satisfied answer, the man's thin lips evokes a fascinating arc, the strength of his arms tightened a little and leans closer to kiss her.

Lily is unable to concentrate by his movement and fortunately the soup is ready. She then turns around to face him, "It's time to eat!"

Rex looks down at the woman's blushing complexion, there is a soft touch on his heart. He then raises his hand to tuck away her hair, "It feels good to see you when I'm home."

There is some sourness in her heart, thinking of these days, she has left him all alone, which makes her feel guilty, "sorry, I won't leave you again."

Rex rubs the woman's cheeks and touches the delicate skin with his fingertips, his eyes are really soft, "Okay."

Lily has cooked three dishes and a soup all by herself. All of which are light-flavored, not greasy at all, afraid that his pneumonia is not healed yet. Rex sees all of these small details.

After eating, he answers a phone call. After hanging up, he takes Lily to the study room on the third floor.

Lily is puzzled, "What's wrong?"

"I'll show you something." His tone is mysterious. After closing the door and sits in the desk, he pulls a small swivel chair for her to sit. The computer screen is opened, there is a connection request, which he usually uses it for meeting.

Lily watches as he answers it as usual, but her eyes stiffen as she looks at the screen.

In the picture, four burky men are surrounding a slender woman. The woman has a very long hair and is scattered behind her back. For the reason that she is facing away from the camera, she can't see her face clearly. Despite this, Lily recognizes the people inside it by a glance through her body and voice.

A person she will never forget, Jade.

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