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Bella noticed that he had misunderstood.

"I'm talking about you and your fiancee," Bella said it and regretted saying that.

He must want to have a baby when he married his fiancee. She regretted saying it. It seemed that she wanted them to not have babies, right?

James Grayson looked at her quietly. He didn't speak, but his eyes were too deep.

Bella did not dare to look at him directly. She felt particularly embarrassed and did not know how to explain it clearly.

James Grayson left her.

Bella walked and stood two meters away from him.

She hasn't eaten lunch yet, and after this hard work, her stomach was empty.

James Grayson spoke, if he had insight, "do you have a meal?"

Bella didn't deny, "I was in such a hurry that I didn't have time."

James Grayson called his men, "Ordered the chef to cook four dishes."

James Grayson looked at Bella again. "Do you want to have something special to eat?"

Bella felt as if she wanted to taste some spicy food. "Do they have fish with chopped peppers, spicy chicken, roasted duck and beef tripe in spicy soup, etc.?"

James Grayson frowned slightly. "Do you like spicy food?"

Bella shook her head. "Just want to eat now."

"Ask the chef to cook fish with chopped peppers, spicy chicken, tomato eggs, and roasted duck, that's all." James Grayson ordered and hung up the phone.

Bella sat down on the sofa and waited for food.

James Grayson didn't speak, and his eyes were on the computer again.

She was a little bored. She picked up her mobile phone and browsed the web casually. She was quiet, silent and relaxed.

James Grayson's eyes moved to her face, as if thinking about something.

Bella saw a piece of news. It has been written that the police rescued more than 200 children in Liana city and the police asked their families to claim them.

Her eyes sank.

She thought, if she and James Grayson's children is still alive, he should be five years old.

Will there be her baby among the rescued children?

In the beginning, David Wilson said that he had a clue. But after more than three years, he didn't find anything. Otherwise, according to his character, he should come to her for negotiation.

"Isn't Liana city and Pingyan far away?" Bella looked up and asked James Grayson.

Because she was indulged in her thoughts, she didn't notice the depth of his eyes. Even if she has noticed, she still couldn't see anything easily in James's eyes.

"It takes more than half an hour in high-speed rail, what's the matter?" James Grayson asked.

Bella nodded, she decided to go to the Public Security Bureau of Liana to have a look after solving the case. She wanted to try it. "Just asking."

James Grayson moved his eyes on the computer screen again.

Bella sat on the sofa, in a daze.

When the baby was born, she looked at him. It didn't look like her. The baby's father was James Grayson. If he didn't look like her, she would think he might look like James Grayson.

"Dong Dong." There was a knock at the door.

Bella relaxed her mind and opened the door. The soldier outside the door brought a lot of dishes.

James Grayson closed the computer, put it on the coffee table, cleaned the table, and said to the soldier, "go and get two bottles of drinks."

"Do you have beer?" Bella asked the soldiers.

The soldier looked at James Grayson.

"Get some beer." James Grayson said.

"Yes." The soldiers walked out.

Bella sat next to James Grayson and started eating fish with chopped peppers with disposable chopsticks. It was fresh, salty and spicy.

"I haven't eaten the fish with chopped peppers for a long time. I also cook very delicious fish with chopped peppers. Someday, I will serve it to the chief." Bella said casually.

James Grayson's expression was clear and light, but his eyes were happy. "Did you cook for me before?"

"Yes." Bella was in a good mood today and talked a little more.

"After going back, cook some good food for me. I've never had a good appetite." James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella looked at James Grayson and couldn't resist her concern. She asked, "Why your appetite is not so good?"

"Actually when I left the hospital. There were many things that I can't remember. I had to adapt too many things.

For example, in order to be the head of a special military region, the central government has a strong voice against it, and only the competent can survives. I need to prove again that I have the ability and courage.

I have also been forced to recognize some complex relationships. For example, with my fiancee. Everyone told me that I loved my fiancee..."

James Grayson stopped and didn't speak again.

In fact, he has said a lot. He also didn't know why he trusted Bella.

Bella lowered her eyes.

She hadn't experienced it, but she could feel it.

A leader who has lost his memory has also lost his experience, strategy, and grace.

He was in a high position, and there will be many people against him. She couldn't even imagine, how much effort he has to make to prove his ability.

Especially when he also had to take lies as truth, like the existence of Anna Wilson. That was a lie.

The one who cheated him was his family, friends, and everything he once trusted. It must be hard for him to survive in such a false situation.

Bella's heart ached.

No wonder he became so mean, insensitive, cold and fierce.

The soldier brought twelve bottles of beer, two glasses, and a bottle opener. Bella opened a bottle of beer and poured it for him.

James Grayson took her hand and looked at her with his deep eyes. "Can you tell me the real reason why we broke up?"

Bella looked at James Grayson.

She didn't want to cheat him. Otherwise, he would be too pitiful. But she also didn't want to push him to hell.

"Destiny." Bella said ambiguously.

James Grayson's eyes darkened, and he drank all the wine in the cup. "You still don't want to tell me. Bella, if I can do all this, I can also find out the secret hidden in your heart."

"The past is vanished like the wind. Chief shouldn't be persistent to hold on to the past. If you can, try to climb up. Conquered the highest peak and stand at the top. No one can hurt you if you have no weakness." Bella said meaningfully and drank all the wine in one sip.

She noticed that James Grayson wanted to ask something. She was afraid that she could not handle it, so she changed the subject and said, "Chief, let's play a game, a drinking game."

James Grayson also noticed that she deliberately avoided, he was a little angry, "it's not interesting to play a drinking. We play mahjong simply and straightforward. The loser will drink."

"What if I got drunk?" Bella was worried.

"If you got drunk, you would fall asleep, I will wake you up when we reach Pingyan and in so much time the hangover will be gone. Why are you afraid? Even if you will be drunk, you have me." James Grayson said in a deep voice.

"Get drunk you have me?" A familiar sentence. James Grayson once said it.

She looked at James Grayson, her eyes were sparkling, very moving as if she has found the James Grayson that stayed in her heart.

Even though she could have this glance for a second or two, still it was enough to make her feel warm.

At this moment she understood, why she turned around from death's door...

Because she had to stay alive, to feel his existence again...

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